Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Obama's Executive Amnesty Program

Socialist President Obama said 26 times that he did not have the authority to ignore federal laws related to the deportation of Illegal Aliens.  And then, since Congress would not give him what he wanted, which is basically the legalization of 11 million or more Illegal Aliens in the United States, Obama issued his Executive Amnesty Program that would give at least five million of these Illegal Aliens legal status.  26 states immediately filed a lawsuit to stop Obama's unconstitutional action, claiming irreparable harm if this action was allow to go forward.   Two courts have now ruled against Obama's lawlessness. 

This means that Obama's Executive Amnesty Program is now thankfully dead because this case will not be adjudicated, with potential multiple appeals, going all the way to the Supreme Court before Obama leaves office.  And, if any Republican wins the Presidency, there is no way this Executive Action will be resurrected.   Perhaps now, Obama will work with Congress to enact serious Immigration Reform. 

A common sense plan must begin with Securing the Border, deporting convicted Illegal Alien Felons, enacting Kate's law as a deterrent to help stop these criminals from coming back into our country, providing for the issuance of Green Cards to students graduating from our colleges and universities and allowing more highly skilled and educated people to enter our country legally.  Once these pieces of the puzzle are in place, as measured by effectiveness, then and only then should we provide some sort of legal status, but not citizenship, to other Illegal Aliens in our country provided they have committed no crimes.

And, we need to deal with the Constitutional issue of anchor babies.  The children of Illegal Aliens, born in the United States, should not automatically become citizens of the United States.   We are one of few nations in the world that allows this to occur.  Why on earth would we give  Illegal Aliens an incentive to enter our country by providing citizenship to their children.   And, by the way, this is not just applicable to people coming from Latin America.  

Thousands of Chinese are coming to America on travel visas to have their children in our country to get American citizenship for them.  All of this is crazy and it has to stop.  In any case, the Courts have said NO to Obama to stop his unconstitutional Executive Amnesty Program. 

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