Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honoring Veterans & Their Families - Thank You, Thank You

President Ronald Reagan often said "That Freedom Is Not Free".  Since our founding as a nation, Freedom has often been paid for by the sacrifices of our Veterans and their families.  As we celebrate Veterans Day, whenever any American encounters a VET, saying Thank You is very appropriate.  Only 1% of our population serves in our all volunteer Armed Forces; but especially today with all the threats we face around the world, these Americans, willing to serve to protect our Freedom are heroes better than any of those depicted in the movies, or on TV. 

That is why when we see Scandals in the news at the Veterans Administration, related to VET's medical care, or misuse of funds,  it is particularly infuriating.  Of all the government failures we see on a daily basis, the inability of VETS to get medical care in a timely manner is the worst.   That is why, this Blogger is calling for the Privatization of the VA's medical care system.  All VA medical care offices, hospitals and clinics should be sold off to the highest bidders in the health care industry.  And then, VETS should be given a Vetecare Card and allowed to go to any doctor or hospital of their choice. 

VETS should be able to access health insurance, at government/tax payer expense, so that they would pay nothing for medical care for themselves for the rest of their lives.   We owe VETS, that have sacrificed so much for us, the best medical care in the country; not second rate Socialized Medicine that many times fails them.

Hillary Clinton and her Socialist pals in government continue to push for more money for the Veterans Administration as a reward for failure.  What should be happening is that the crooks at the VA, that cooked the booked to steal bonuses from the American people that they did not earn, should not only be FIRED, they should be prosecuted and sent to jail for embezzlement.  Of course that will not happen because there are rarely consequences for government employee wrong doing.  It is what it is.

That is bad enough, but the fact that many VETS are still not getting the medical care they deserve, is inexcusable.  As we honor our VETS on Veterans Day, we need to make sure they have excellent medical care, no matter what the consequences for government union employees. 

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