Monday, November 9, 2015

Ben Carson & The Left Wing Lame Stream Media

The left wing lame stream media is so determined to destroy any Conservative Republican Candidate for President that they are attacking Ben Carson on passages in his book concerning his youth.  I suppose Carson should feel good about it because it signifies that the Socialists see Carson as a threat to Liar and Crook Socialist Candidate Hillary Clinton.  While this Blogger has concerns about Carson's lack of management experience in business, or government that would prepare him to be President, be assured the American people see these attacks by the left wing media as about as dumb as it gets. 

Ben Carson claims that as a ghetto Black kid he was often angry.  Carson says he almost stabbed a relative and that he got so mad at his mom that he was about to hit her with hammer until his brother stopped him.  Ben Carson goes on to say that becoming a born again Christian changed him forever into who he is today.  Gosh, I wonder how many ghetto kids living in poverty might be angry.  This Blogger spent six years teaching in the inner city in Los Angeles and I would say I encountered lots of poor angry kids that hopefully grew out of their frustrations. 

Next, apparently, Ben Carson was a stellar member of the ROTC and as a result he got invited to various military dinners.  During one of them, someone told him that if he applied to West Point given his grades, he would get a Scholarship to West Point.  This happened when Carson was about 17 years old.  At the time, he told who ever told him this that instead he planned to be Doctor, so he declined the opportunity.  Carson apparently got a scholarship to go to Yale.

The lame stream left wing media is trying to say that this never happened because West Point requires an appointment by a Congressman.  Do you suppose that the typical 17 year old kid, no matter how smart he or she may be is aware of the process to get into West Point.   Certainly, Ben Carson at 17 could have interpreted this discussion to mean that someone was offering him a Scholarship.  Given the times, no doubt there was a real push to get bright Black kids into West Point.  So naturally officers interfacing with ROTC kids would most certainly have pushed the option. 

In any case, this whole discussion is about as dumb as it gets; but it shows just how far the lame stream left wing media will go to discredit Christian Conservatives, particularly when one is Black, or a woman.   At the same time, we know that Hillary Clinton is a Liar and a Crook; yet do we hear much about her foibles.  Nope. 

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