Friday, November 6, 2015

Obama Kills Keystone XL Pipeline - For Now

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama officially killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, even though the Canadian company proposing it recently withdrew the application knowing that it would never be approved as long as Obama was President.   So, in doing so, the Socialists, including Hillary Clinton, choose their Environmental Wacko big money supporters over their Big Union Supporters.   The Keystone XL Pipeline project would have directly created more than 20,000 good paying Union jobs for this infrastructure project, paid for without one dime of taxpayer money.  But that is the tip of the iceberg because of the multiplier effect.  There would have been an additional 100,000 or more jobs created from the purchasing power given these Union Members and related to all the equipment needed to build the pipeline over the next 3 or more years.  

Socialists are always screaming about creating jobs to build infrastructure at taxpayer expense and by borrowing from China; but this project apparently didn't matter to them.   Obama is a Moron.   Or is he?   This oil from Canada will be shipped into the US primarily by rail and truck anyway, which will produce a far bigger carbon footprint than had the pipeline been built.  And, guess who owns the railroad.  None other than Obama's Pal Warren Buffet.  Buffet companies will earn billions of dollars over time transporting this oil.  It could be that Obama knew exactly what he was doing to reward Buffet, who is a big Obama supporter.

This creates a wonderful opening with Union Workers for any Republican running for the Presidency.   While Socialists will always have the support of Big Government Public Employee Unions, various Trade Deals, which the Unions and Donald Trump hate and now the killing of the Keystone XL Pipeline could cause these private sector Unions to finally see which political party will benefit them the most.  Even if their leaders still support the Socialists, Union Members can clearly see what the Socialists have done to them.   Donald Trump is making a big play for Union Member votes when he talks about bringing jobs back from China, Japan, Mexico and other countries.  It is those Union Member jobs that no longer exist in the United States.   So, Obama and Hillary Clinton have played right into Trump's hands should he get the nomination.  Most important, virtually all Republicans support building the Keystone XL Pipeline.  If any of them is elected President, this pipeline will be built. 

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