Sunday, November 29, 2015

NSA Ends Collection of Bulk Phone Records

Legal authority for the National Security Agency to collect the phone records of all Americans, without a search warrant, recently ended.  So, at least this aspect of spying on all Americans in the name of protecting us from Terrorism is over for now.  I am quite sure that Big Brother is watching in other ways that are not quite as public.  Now the NSA must get a Search Warrant from a judge to pursue phone records from the telecommunications companies, which is in accordance with the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, prohibiting illegal searches and seizures.

It was overreach that ended this program, as both Socialists and some Conservative Republicans, though not all, would not vote to extend this authority.  However, to be sure, if there is another Terrorist attack on our Homeland, there will be another push to violate our rights in the name of National Security.  But here is the problem.  As a result of Political Correctness, which includes Socialist President Obama's refusal to use the words Radical Islamic Terrorist in the same sentence, we do not have Terrorist Profiling, which is what should be happening.  And, it would be easy to do.

Radical Islamic Terrorists, willing to die in the name of Allah, in order to murder innocent Christian's Jews, Muslims that don't adhere to their form of Islam and other peoples of other faiths, or no faiths, tend to have the same profile.  They are relatively young men and women, perhaps 16 - 35, often jobless, of Middle Eastern origins and from other Muslim countries.  Even if they are now American citizens, many of them have traveled to the Middle East where they have been radicalized.   They may frequent Radical Islamic Websites that can be traced.  They may attend Radical Islamic Mosques in the United States. 

While theoretically anybody can be a Terrorist and Yes we sometimes have mentally deranged individuals that murder in the name of a particular cause, the threat we are facing from Radical Islam that results in Terrorist Attacks is coming from people having this profile.  So, obviously, the US Federal Government should keep track of these potential Terrorists by getting the proper search warrants, from a Judge, to monitor not only their phone activity; but all their activities.   And, if it is determined that anyone is participating in a Terrorist Plot, or conspiring to commit an act of Terrorism, they should be arrested and charged with a crime and if convicted sent to jail.  

Radical Islamic Profiling is necessary to protect our Homeland.  Law abiding Muslims have nothing to fear from this process, particularly if they don't fit the profile.  However, it is just common sense that to prevent Islamic Radical Terrorism, we must profile Islamic Radical Terrorists.  Well dah!!    

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