Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Delusional Obama - Clueless About The Threat From Radical Islam

Perhaps because Socialist President Obama grew up in a Muslim home, he simply refuses to see the reality we face from the Radical Islamic Threat.  These are not just random Terrorists murdering people of all faiths around the world.   They are Radical Islamic Fascists that kill in the name of Allah, their God.  But the God of Islam is also the God of Israel and of Christianity and that God is the same God of all peoples of the Book whether he be referred in the Torah, Koran, or Bible.  And that God would never continence the killing of innocent people in his name.  No, these Radical Islamic Fascists are doing the Devil's work, or at least they are the agents of evil.  What else can this be?

Yet, they themselves claim to be acting in the name of Islam and Allah, so we must take them at their word.  To be sure, the majority of Muslims are peace love people devoted to the one and only God of Abraham and Moses; but they are not the Radical Islamic Fascists that we face.  Socialist President Hollande of France understands the threat we face, which is why he has declared war on Radical Islam. 

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and their American Socialist Pals in government need to recognize the Radical Islamic Threat that we face in order to destroy them.  Sunni Arabs refer to ISIS as DASH, which is apparently a derogatory name for them.   President El-Sisi of Egypt and King Abdullah of Jordan understand the threat they face as they both are fighting these Islamic Fascists in their countries.  We cannot defeat Radical Islam if we don't call it what it is.  It is time for Obama to have a reality check and admit that his policy to "contain" ISIS has failed.

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