Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Under Investigation In Utah

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada is under investigation by Utah County Prosecutor, Troy Rawlings, for a Pay to Play Scheme and charges of bribery.  Apparently, former Attorney Generals in Utah, John Shurtleff and John Swallow were both arrested last summer for taking bribes for favors.  It is alleged that Dirty Harry Reid was somehow involved in one of these deals to end a federal investigation into a software business. 

Given Dirty Harry's history of crooked real estate deals in Nevada and his unexplained wealth, nothing would surprise this Blogger.  And, of course, since Socialists are involved in these cases,  the Obama Justice Department will not pursue the case.   Honestly,  Obama is the most corrupt President since Nixon, Harding and Grant.  And in general, the corruption we see in government is legend.  How is it that many Members of Congress that earn $174,000 a year and must maintain two homes end up as millionaires after serving 10 or more years in Congress.  

Obviously, there is shenanigans going on with campaign money and special "gifts" to buy influence.  Dirty Harry Reid is a multi-millionaire many times over.   Dirty Harry claims he made a lot of money as a lawyer more than 40 years ago while working in the hell hole he calls home, Searchlight, Nevada in the middle of the desert about 60 miles from Las Vegas.  Dirty Harry lives at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  Given what that must cost, it is hard to believe that money earned more than 40 years ago is paying those bills.  Some of Reid's family members are paid lobbyists in Washington DC and they too have made millions engaged in the family business; influence peddling.  

We will see if this investigation goes anywhere; but somehow Dirty Harry always seems to escape judgment and conviction.  But then Dirty Harry Reid is just one more Washington Crook.  So what's new. 

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