About Joseph Morabito


Joseph Morabito is the founder, president and chief executive officer of Paragon Global Resources, Inc.,  an international relocation management company, and its subsidiaries.  As an entrepreneur, Mr. Morabito is experienced in all aspects of starting, growing and managing a global company.  

Mr. Morabito has more than 30 years of relocation industry and general business management experience.  As a pioneer and innovator in the field, Mr. Morabito has worked with clients throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, touching virtually every industry with delivery of management consulting services. Prior to founding Paragon in 1991, Mr. Morabito held positions in senior management at Premier Relocation Services (a Weyerhaeuser Company) and Merrill Lynch Relocation Management (the predecessor to Prudential Relocation Management.) Mr. Morabito has been published in HR industry publications including Human Resource Executive and Mobility. He has been featured as a speaker at a variety of conferences and was written about in The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Morabito holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and political science with a minor in foreign languages; a Master of Arts degree in education, with emphasis in personnel administration; and teaching and education administration credentials, all from California State University. He holds the Senior Certified Relocation Professional (SCRP) designation and is an ERC Distinguished Service award winner. He previously served as a member of the Employee Relocation Council's Public Policy Committee for several years, which assessed and dealt with business risk and opportunities arising from legislative, regulatory and judicial actions that impact relocation.

Prior to working in relocation, Joseph Morabito taught American History and Government in the Los Angeles City School District. As a Ronald Reagan Republican, Mr. Morabito is an avid follower of world politics and regularly speaks and writes on political issues as a life long teacher and concerned citizen.