Monday, November 30, 2020

Political Correctness & Cancel Culture Destroying America

 Until the 1960's America operated on the Melting Pot concept, that is E Pluribus Unum; from many one.  The idea was that immigrants came from all over the world and attended our public schools that made them into Americans with English as our common language.  We were not hyphen Americans, we were all just Americans of many origins.  Since our founding as a nation, this was the basis for forging a great country; the greatest in human history.   While we faced the divide of the Civil War over economics and slavery, though it was bloody, we got through it to resume the process of one nation under God. 

Identity politics designed to divide our nation began in the 1960's on our university campuses turned radical by the Vietnam War, which coincided with the legitimate Civil Rights movement.  All of a sudden, when I was a young teacher in the inner city of Los Angeles, we began talking about the Salad Bowl, which was designed to replace the Melting Pot.  Oh what a mistake we all made.  The Salad Bowl preached that we were all separate and distinct.  We were no longer all Americans, we now had to be hyphenated Americans; so Mexican American, African American, Asian American, Native Americans along with the Women's Movement and then came the LGBT Movement followed by the LGBTQUIA Movement.  So, we now we have museums and more on the way to honor each of these groups rather than recognize that all of these groups are part of the great American story.  

Along the way, White Men and Boys were all deemed to be racist and evil.  We were not included in these movements because all of them declared the White Man to be the oppressor whether true or not.  Going further, we now have the Cancel Culture, which is designed to destroy our history and in the process destroy our country.  The Cancel Culture is really out to destroy the history of Western Civilization because for the most part it is predicated on White Men's great accomplishments.  The end result to all of this is that America has never been more divided since the Civil War.   This is all in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals book designed to turn the United States into a Communist Country.  Alinsky preached the destruction of the family and the segmentation of society to pit groups against each other to foment chaos and hatred.  The Antifa and BLM Communist Thugs looting, rioting and burning down our cities comes right out of the Alinsky Playbook.  

If we are to save our country for the benefit of all of our children and grandchildren, we must get back to the Melting Pot concept.  It is perfectly fine to be proud of our origins.  As an American of Italian decent, I am certainly proud of the many great Italians that have made world history in art, music, literature, science, exploration, great food etc, but I am an American not a hyphen American.  And, though I grew up understanding and speaking Italian because my grandparents never spoke English,  it would have been inconceivable that English was not my first language.  And so, it must be for all Americans.  

 We must stop the Political Correctness and Cancel Culture that are destroying America.  People should be recognized for their talents, intelligence and education not because they are a particular race or gender.  The best and brightest in our society will always rise to the top with hard work, focus, passion and discipline regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.  We do no one any good by telling them that they are victims because it just provides them an excuse for personal failure.  The American Dream is still attainable for those that pursue it with hard work. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Big Tech - Big Brother

Big Brother has arrived.  As a result of our smart phones, PC's and on line connectivity, Big Tech tracks everything we do.  They market the information they have on all of us to do data mining to sell virtually everything.  And as a result, they have become the most powerful wealthy companies in the world.  They support left wing Socialists and used their power to elect an illegitimate President through voter fraud.  It is all very scary and is subverting our democracy.  They censor speech they disagree with, which is usually conservative Republican speech.  

Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook etc. need to be broken up first because they have an anti competitive monopoly on information management and second because they hold too much power in too few hands and it is being used for evil purposes.  Government must regulate these companies to foster more competition and stop them from selling our personal and confidential information without our consent.  And, even if we do give our consent, we should be paid for our involvement in making them billions of dollars.  Why not?

And, then there is Alexa owned by Amazon spying on us in our homes.  As long as Alexa is turned on, she sees and hears everything happening in our home.  If we discuss buying a new refrigerator, what a coincidence that all of us a sudden we start to see information on our computers about refrigerators.  But even worse, Alexa hears everything that is happening in our families.  There is no doubt in my mind that this information is being stored in servers in the cloud somewhere in the world.  With just a flick of the wrist that information could be used for evil purposes.  Given the left wing political inclinations of Big Tech, they will use the information they have to win elections for big government Socialists just like they did for the Presidency in 2020.

Trust but verify.   Government must monitor these companies much more closely to see what is actually happening within these companies.  The same way the IRS often has people based at big companies to make sure they are collecting taxes due,  the DOJ should have agents based at Big Tech companies to make sure they are complying with various privacy laws and other regulations that are needed now to guarantee our freedoms.  

Everybody loves technology.  It has surely changed everything we do in society sometimes for the good; but now more often that not for the bad.  There is the potential for evil that must be taken seriously.   It is time for government to take action to insure that the rights of all Americans are protected from Big Brother intrusion.  

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Big Business and Big Government - Bad for Mainstreet

 There are about 3,000 companies headquartered in the US with 5,000 employees or more; but just 100 of them control about half the US $22 Trillion Gross Domestic Product. (GDP) So if each of these global companies has 10 Board members, it means that 1,000 people control half our economy.  The next 40% of GDP is controlled by local, state and federal governments.  Together, these Big Companies and government controls 90% of all economic activity in our country.  It is very scary related to the impact on our democracy.   It is just too much power in too few hands.  We think our votes matter whether real or fraudulently cast, but the reality is that none of it really matters because this "Club" really controls our country for their mutual benefit.  These 100 global companies impose the politically correct ideology mandated by government as a trade off for their ability to make money without limit.  Given their collusion with government, it should be no surprise that some of the wealthiest areas in the country surround Washington DC.  

These Big Global Companies actively supported Joe Biden in the last election because they know they can buy him off and control him.  They have already done so.  They hated Trump because he has never been a member of their Club even though he is a billionaire.  Since he was already rich, they could not bribe him, or his family with Pay to Play schemes the way they did with Crooked Hillary, the Biden Crime family and many others in the Deep State Swamp feeding at the trough.  

The banks that were too big to fail are even bigger today because the federal government forced the stronger banks to merge with the weaker Banks during the 2008 - 09 Financial Collapse making credit harder to get for small businesses.  The 100 largest companies in the country keep getting bigger by mergers and acquisitions that the federal government continues to approve as a pay off to them, which benefits Wall Street earning billion of dollars in various fees.  And, while these huge companies have access to unlimited amounts of capital, small and mid sized companies have limited or no such access.  The best thing that has happened to benefit these huge companies has been Covid as many small and mid sized businesses are now gone eliminating what little competition there was in the marketplace.  

Wal Mart destroyed main street.  Amazon is killing bricks and mortar retail of all types that just can't compete.  The best thing that ever happened to Amazon was Covid.  As a result of government ordered closures, 25,000 stores have already closed.   325,000 restaurants have closed permanently with even more to come.  Since there is still no additional Stimulus Plan enacted by Congress, many more businesses will close by the end of the year benefiting Big Business.  And, these large companies want unfettered free trade to give them access to China in particular.  They don't care about the 70,000 factories that they have closed in the US, or the 5 million jobs they shipped to China, Mexico and other countries because their only motivation is profit and senior management bonuses. 

While this Blogger supports Free Market Capitalism, it is clear to me that all of this is causing both personal and business inequality.  The richest 50 people in the United States have more wealth than the bottom 165 million Americans.  This is a recipe for revolution; like we see happening on our streets in many cities.  It is starting to feel like Russia before the Communist Revolution in 1917, when the Czar and a small number of people controlled all the wealth in the country and 99% of the population had nothing.  There was not a good ending to that story.  We can't let that happen in America.  

We don't need higher taxes and more regulations because they would kill jobs; but we do need more opportunity for Americans to open up and succeed with small businesses especially in our inner cities.  The Opportunity Zone legislation approved by Trump is a good start.  These 100 huge global companies should be broken up to create more competition to achieve lower prices.  Socialism is not the answer.  We need more Free Market Capitalism and smaller government to push more wealth out to the people.  Small businesses need more access to credit to fund growth.   We have work to do.  

Friday, November 27, 2020

Socialism - The Bigger the Government the Less Freedom

Those in the United States that want Socialism point to European democracies that provide cradle to grave services for their people.  What they don't understand is the history.  After World War II, Europe was devastated.  We implemented the Marshall Plan under President Truman to assist European countries with rebuilding their economies and to prevent Communism from taking hold.  

As late as 1970, when I took my first trip to Europe most countries in Europe were relatively poor.  I remember the holes in the floor instead of toilets in many places.  The people of Europe were desperate for a decent life.  They traded their freedoms in many ways for Socialism and cradle to grave government services like "free" health care, university etc. because so many of them had nothing.  Of course, nothing is "free". In exchange, governments extracted very high taxes.  In addition to high income taxes on everyone and taxes for social services, value added taxes (VAT) of 17% - 23% were implemented, the equivalent of a sale tax on most purchases that compounds through all stages of production.  

And, then there were the fuel taxes.  To help pay for public transportation, the trains and subways that are quite good, very high taxes were charged on gas and diesel fuel so paying $8 for a gallon of gas is not uncommon.  That is the reason cars in Europe were half the size of cars in the US and most families own none, or maybe one. 

In addition, lower and even middle income people live in shoe box apartments and homes.  Typically half the square footage of what would be common in the US because building cost are very high given all the taxes they pay.  Average People just don't have the disposable income to buy or rent homes that are bigger, even if they existed.  

Americans typically live in bigger homes and apartments, often own multiple cars and generally experience a higher standard of living than people living in Europe when measured in material terms.  Our economy thrives because we are a consumer society.  Europeans have learned to settle for less.  When our employees from Europe came for meetings in the US, they often brought empty suit cases with them to buy basic items like over the counter drugs and razor blades in the US because they were so much cheaper.  Some of our employees had Costco cards so they could shop at Costco when visiting the US.  They also went to our outlet malls to buy name brand clothing that was 30% or more cheaper than in Europe because of the way VAT taxes are applied.  

No doubt, there are people in the US that would give up their freedoms and be completely subject to government control of their lives for cradle to grave "free" services, particularly if others were paying for them.  As it is now, the Makers in our society, the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes support the Takers, those that pay no income taxes at all.  We actually have the most progressive income tax system in the world.  The problem is that 50% of Americans paying income taxes could never cover cradle to grave government services for everybody.  

So, as occurs in Europe the Middle Class, people earning from $50,000 - $150,000 a year too would have to pay much higher taxes in order to support the Takers in our society.  There is no other way, which is why taxes in Europe are so high.  The government could confiscate all wealth from the rich in the US and tax corporations much higher taxes, which would kill jobs and it still would not cover the entitlements the Socialists in the US are proposing under Joe Biden.  As Margaret Thatcher, the late Conservative Prime Minister of Britain used to used to say, "Socialism works well until there is no one left to tax."   

Socialism always leads to poverty, misery and even murder.  At a minimum, as we have seen in Europe, Socialism has led to less freedom, a lower standard of living and higher unemployment than exists in the US.  There is no free ride.  Given the American personality, spirit and history, it is very unlikely that half the country that voted for Trump will tolerate European style Socialism given the limitations on freedom that would come with it.  There are even Americans that voted for Biden who if told their taxes would double to provide entitlements for people that  pay no income taxes would also say Hell No!  We value our freedom much more than cradle to grave government entitlements because they come with intrusion into all aspects of life.  No thanks!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Catholic Church In America - The Great Divide & Schism

 The same cultural divide that exists in the United States exists within the Catholic Church.  About 50% of Catholics led by Socialist Pope Francis and the Hierarchy voted for Biden.  I will call them Fake Catholics because many of them rarely attend Church and they do not adhere to the tenets of the Church.  They are the social justice left wing of the Catholic Church; mostly cultural Catholics.  They probably cost Trump the election particularly since many of them live in the mid west, though voter fraud actually caused his defeat.   

And then, there are the Conservative Pro-Life Catholics, the real Catholics, the 50% of the Church that do adhere to the tenets of the Church.  These are the Catholics that regularly attend Church and write the big checks that support the Church.  50% of all monies collected by the Catholic Church world wide comes from these Catholics in America.  It is these real Catholics demanding that Fake Catholic politicians like Biden, Pelosi, Kane, Durban and many others not be allowed Communion because they support abortion right up until birth and even after.  Yet most of the Catholic Hierarchy, including the Pope and liberal priests ignore these crimes against humanity.  There is nothing more evil than abortion of viable babies.  It is heinous murder.  These are the Catholics that voted for Trump.

Conservative Catholics in the US offended by Socialist Pope Francis are leaving the Church in droves.  With them goes their money.  Many are joining Bible Based Pro Life Evangelical Christian Churches which are growing, while the Catholic Church in the US is shrinking.  For every conversion that occurs, 6 Catholics are leaving the Church.  The Hierarchy sees the train coming.  20 years from now, the Catholic Church in the US will primarily be composed of poor or lower income Hispanics.  And, while they fill the pews, they do not fill the baskets during mass with much money.   

This is the reason the Pope and Hierarchy support open borders.  The Catholic Church receives billions of dollars each year from the federal government to care for illegal aliens once they make it into our country.  In essence, the Church is feeding at the trough.  So the Church was behind the caravans coming up from Central America working with a Communist front group called Sin Fronteras (without borders) based in Chicago.  This group also receives money from George Soros. Since the Hierarchy knows Conservative Catholics are going away and actually wants them to go away, they need illegal aliens and federal money to support them to keep the gravy train coming in the door.  

The Pope has expressed disdain for Conservative Catholics.  He wants their money; but not their opinions about him.  Many Conservative Catholics are counting the days until Socialist Pope Francis is gone.  As a practicing Judeo Christian Catholic, I can say that Pope Francis is dead to me.  I see Pope Francis as evil and the Anti Christ.  This is the man who recently condemned Americans protesting Covid restrictions; but praised BLM and Antifa Communist Terrorist Thugs rioting, looting and burning down our cities to protest the death of George Floyd.  

Conservative Catholics want Socialist Pope Francis gone.  The only problem is that the Pope has appointed Cardinals that are likely to vote for another radical Socialist to be the next Pope.  This will drive even more Conservative Catholics away.  As it is now, many Catholic Schools have closed.  And, more often than not young people that attend Catholic Schools by the time they are 25 are no longer practicing Catholics.  These young people either move to more liberal or more conservative Christian denominations. Our sons were baptized Catholic; but they and their families are devout Evangelical Christians.  I would never encourage them to go back to the Catholic Church in its current condition.  This is all compounded by the way the Church covered up the sexual abuse cases around the world.  Half the Hierarchy in the US should be in jail for covering up horrible sex abuse crimes including Bishop Gomez from Los Angeles in charge of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops. 

Many Conservative Catholics are disgusted by a corrupt, bloated Hierarchy of old men in robes living off the fat of the land.  As such, the Catholic Church will continue to shrink within the United States unless repopulated by illegal aliens flooding into our country.  Joe Biden is happy to oblige, which is why Socialist Pope Francis is so thrilled that Biden was elected even if by fraud.  The same cultural war that exists within our country exists within the Catholic Church and it is getting worse by the day thanks to Socialist Pope Francis, who is a divider not a uniter.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Trump Presidential Library & MAGA Political Center

 At some point, President Trump will have to decide on the site of his Presidential Library.  The Trump Organization actually owns the perfect site.  It is the Trump Hotel, Golf Course and Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The 26,000 square feet Albermarle Georgian Mansion was built about 30 years ago by billionaire Charles Kluge for himself and his young wife Patricia.  After their divorce, over a period of time the estate and the winery surrounding it were sold to the Trump Organization.  The mansion has 45 rooms, a private chapel and beautiful English gardens in addition to 50,000 square feet of meeting space.   The estate sits on 1,300 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the wine country of Virginia.  

Nearby are the homes of some of our Founding Fathers; Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello, James Monroe's home setting at the Highland and James Madison's home at Montpelier.  Jefferson and Madison are buried at their family estates.  Monroe was buried nearby his home at a local cemetery.  Most important, since Presidential libraries should also be places for research, the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, is in Charlottesville.  Given the history, the Trump's could also establish a family cemetery on the library property as is common at Presidential libraries.  

Aside from being a beautiful location in the conservative part of Virginia full of Trump supporters, Charlottesville is just a three hour drive from Washington DC so given other Presidential homes nearby and proximity to Virginia's Wine Country, it is a natural tourist attraction assuring the Trump Library of a steady stream of visitors.

Most important, the Trump Library should become a MAGA Political Center and academic think tank advancing Trump's policies and movement to Make America Great Again.  Trump should maintain an office and staff there as is common for Presidential libraries.  Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence.   James Madison wrote the US Constitution.  So it is very appropriate that Trump would place his Presidential library on this holy ground.  Since they already own the land, the Trump Family can control what happens at the Trump Library; another side benefit. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dealing With China - America Last

General James Maddis, Trump's former Secretary of Defense, fired by Trump, has advised Joe Biden that he should abandon Trump's America First positioning.  What an idiot.  So what Maddis and Big Business are telling Biden is to go back to the America Last policies that resulted in closing 70,000 factories in the US with more than five million manufacturing jobs shipped to China, Mexico and other countries.  It also means lousy trade deals that kill American jobs and our allies getting a free ride related to their own national defense. 

Globalist US Presidents just don't seem to understand that they are President of the United States not President of the world.  Let's not forget it was Obama that went on his apology tour when first elected blaming America for all the problems of the world.  It was disgusting.  We can expect Biden to do more of the same.

And, then there is China.  Joe Biden is owned by China lock, stock and barrel as a result of the crooked deals involving his son Hunter Biden.  The Biden Crime Family walked away with more than a billion dollars from China to start a hedge fund that made them millions of dollars each year.  So how on earth can Biden hold China accountable for intellectual property theft, dumping cheap goods in the US destroying whole industries and human rights abuses in Hong Kong and among their Muslim population.  Trump was the first President, Republican or Democrat to stand up to China by imposing tariffs to get them to the table to begin the first phase of a decent trade deal that is mutually beneficial.

That will all go away under Joe Biden because his Global Big Business supporters want full access to China, which was interrupted by Trump's policies and tariffs.  These huge global companies don't care about jobs destroyed in the US as long as their senior management makes huge bonuses from business in China.  We are going back to the bad old days of China stealing our intellectual property, lousy trade deals that advantage them and not us and unfettered abuse of their own people.  What we will soon see under Joe Biden is America Last. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Socialist Party of America

The old Democrat Party of Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and maybe even Obama is dead.  FDR and Wilson were already Socialist progressives so they were not within the mainstream of the modern Democrat Party.  Of course, during many of these Presidencies, there was the Solid South controlled by Democrats, which was basically the days of Slavery, Jim Crow and legal Racism in the South.  Many often forget that it was the Democrats that insisted on slavery causing the Civil War and it was Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President who ended it, enforced by the army during Reconstruction until a few decades after the Civil War when the Democrats regained complete control of their states.  That all changed after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when Whites in the South became Republicans and voted for Richard Nixon.   At that point, the South went Red and has pretty much remained Red ever since. 

In any case, the historical Democrat Party is gone replaced by the hysterical Socialist Party of America.  It was Bernie Sanders and AOC; both radical Socialists who wrote the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform.  Joe Biden has tried to distance himself from the many Socialist schemes in the platform, but the Socialist that brought him to the party will have none of it.   If Biden is finally elected, he better hope that the Republicans retain control of the Senate because if the Socialists control all the branches of government, they will insist that all the radical provisions in the Socialist Manifesto be enacted into law, which will destroy his Presidency.  They will also use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office for obvious dementia to make Kamela Harris the first Black woman President.  The thought is just too irresistible for them not to do it.  It would only be a Republican Senate that stops it from happening. 

The Socialist Manifesto includes the Green New Deal that will kill millions of jobs, raise all energy prices and lower the standard of living for all Americans.  They will implement Medicare for all, which will destroy Medicare for the elderly.  Biden is pushing for Higher taxes and more regulations that will lead to a recession and slow growth the same as happened during the Obama years.  'They will implement an America Last foreign policy that will result in endless foreign wars and other countries taking advantage of our nation.  And,  Biden has already indicated draconian measures to limit our Second Amendment rights by making it illegal to own certain types of guns and magazines.  They will pack the Supreme Court to end Conservative dominance forever.  Even though Biden presumably won the Electoral College vote, they will get rid of the Electoral College because it is the only chance Republicans have of winning the Presidency.  They will make DC and Puerto Rico states to add more Socialist Senators.  They will end the filibuster in the Senate so they can pass anything they want with just 50 votes plus the Vice President as a tie breaker.  They will place Limits on free speech by designating any criticism of politically correct left wing ideology, abortion, gay marriage, BLM, Antifa and them as Hate Speech.  And, the list goes on and on. 

Some of these things will be challenged in court by various conservative organizations and Republican Attorneys General.  And, many of these Socialist Schemes could be ruled unconstitutional; but in the mean time Trump Conservatives will need to RESIST all infringements on our rights.  This could include massive protests and making certain that the Socialists feel the heat of Don't Tread On Me!  We will need to make their lives miserable the same way they attacked Trump supporters. 

The good news is that the Socialists will over reach.  It will make it easy for Trump Republican organizers to take back the House and actually gain seats in the Senate in 2022.  In the end, it is all about 2024 and making sure that Kamela Harris is not elected the 47th President of the United States in her own right.  In the mean time, we should stop referring to the Democrat Party.  They are officially the Socialist Party of America. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

RINOS Are Losers

There are RINOS, Republicans in Name Only, calling on President Trump to concede the election to Joe Biden.  HELL NO! Trump won in 16 because he is a street fighter.  It takes a street fighter to beat the Socialists.   Establishment Republicans typically lose elections.  Bush 1, Dole, McCain and Romney were all losers because they were not tough enough to win.  Republicans tried the officers and the gentlemen and always lost.  No More!

Trump should mount a legal battle all the way up to the Supreme Court to fight for his Presidency.  Politics is all out war without the guns.  Winners have to be tough as nails with fire in their bellies. They can't be weak kneed nice guys.  In politics, nice guys always finish last. 

In addition, the Republican Party is now the Trump Republican Party.  2020 was a Red Wave with Trump getting 73 million votes, the most ever for any sitting President. Trump increased his vote by 10 million over 2016.  Obama actually got 4 million less votes when he ran for reelection.  Republicans picked up 12 or more House seats, 2 state legislatures adding to the 26 they already have and one Governor.  Trump losing does not pass the smell test given these wins.  If Trump loses, it is clear that voter fraud absolutely took place.

RINOS were soundly repudiated.  The Lincoln Project RINO Losers that spent millions trying to defeat Republican Senators and the President, lost in every case.   96% of Republicans supported Trump.  He doubled his Black and Hispanic vote.  Trump has grown the Republican party like never before.  It is time for RINOS to shut the hell up.  They are not welcome in the Republican Party any more. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Joe Biden - Back To The Future

If Joe Biden is elected POTUS, it will be a Back to the Future Illegitimate Presidency won by voter fraud.  Biden will bring back all the old Obama and Clinton left wing cronies to staff his administration.  These leaches have all been hanging out at various foundations, think tanks etc. collecting fat salaries just waiting for the day they could begin feeding at the trough again.  So, we will see the same old bad thinking that destroyed millions of jobs and got us into unending foreign wars all over the world because they are globalists. 

We will see America Last not America First actions and policies because Biden and crowd always think about the interests of other countries first rather than do what is in the best interest of our nation.  So Europe will get a free ride related to NATO expenses.  Biden will get us back into the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership both of which will destroy millions of jobs.

Just like Obama, Biden will raise taxes to bring on a recession and or slow the recovery that is happening right now.   Biden will add job killing regulations that will hamper growth reversing Trump Executive Orders that created the best economy in decades.  This will raise energy prices as Biden attempts to install the Green New Deal by Executive Order.

Joe Biden will open the flood gates to illegal aliens providing them all sorts of entitlements at the expense of our own people.  He will give legal status, one way or another to the 11 million or more illegal aliens in our country, which will include food stamps, welfare etc.  Billions of dollars will be added to our federal deficit, which eventually will weaken the dollar and benefits like Social Security and Medicare.   

Forget about peace in the Middle East.  Biden and crew will reengage with the Palestinians restoring their funding, which will end any incentive they have to make peace with Israel.   We will see ISIS rise again in the Middle East or Afghanistan because Biden will not have the guts to take them out.  Iran will end up with nuclear weapons because Biden will go back into the deal Trump walked away from. 

And finally, since China owns Biden as a result of the crooked deals with his son Hunter, China will again steal our technology that has never really stopped.  Biden will end Tariffs on Chinese goods entering the United States at the insistence of his Big Business supporters that want unfettered access to China.  All of this will lead to more factories closing and millions of jobs leaving the United States and going to China just like before.

Yep, we can imagine a Biden Presidency because we have already seen it during the eight years of Obama Biden.  It will be a Back to the Future Presidency and moment in time. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Case for Voter Fraud

The 2020 Election does not pass the smell test.  What we saw was a Red Wave as Republicans gained at least 12 House seats and are likely to retain the Senate depending on what happens in the Georgia Senate run-off on January 5th.  Republicans also gained two state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and gained one Republican Governor; yet somehow Donald Trump who won all the big states that mattered decisively, Ohio, Florida and Texas; lost the election. I don't think so.

I smell a Socialist Rat fed by Fake News, RINOS, Big Business and Deep State Swamp Lizards.  Socialist Governors mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots that were gathered up and voted once they were able to see what they needed to defeat Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, without which Joe Biden could not win the Presidency.  These states are all controlled by corrupt Socialists in the big cities that mattered.  It is clear that the dead voted along with many others fraudulently.  Crooked Hillary advised Joe Biden never to concede because "the votes would be there for him". 

And then, there is the Dominion software that apparently was manipulated to change votes from Trump to Biden.  And, there were thousands of ballots where only a vote for Biden was cast with no down ballot votes.  This is very odd.  Further, the envelopes with the signatures were destroyed making verification after the fact impossible.  Does anybody seriously think these things happened by accident. 

Further, Republicans in these big Socialist cities were prevented from poll watching while the votes were being counted.  As Soviet Communist Dictator Josef Stalin once said, it does not matter who voted.  What matters is who counts the votes.  If Biden is declared the winner, he will be seen as illegitimate by 73 million Trump voters, basically half of America.  We will do everything we can to end Biden's Presidency before it even starts by legal challenges and a Republican Senate that will pronounce his Socialist schemes dead on arrival.  Further, if La La Land California were taken out of the equation, Trump also won the popular vote, which makes the result we are seeing even more suspicious. 

None of this adds up.  Trump will NEVER concede.  He may leave the White House before the inauguration of Joe Biden; but the battle will continue.  This election won't be over at all.  Trump will establish a Political Action Committee to focus on removing Socialists from office in 2022 taking back the House and retaining the Senate. Trump will then set the stage for another run in 2024.  Biden Harris will make such a mess of things; guaranteed that when Harris runs in 2024, which is likely, the people will want Trump back overwhelmingly.  Trump won in 2020.   If Biden does take over the Presidency, it will be the result of Voter Fraud that is obvious. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Treatment for Covid - Politics and Big Pharma

 Covid is spiking in the US, yet a simple treatment using malaria pills, ZPack antibiotics, steroids, zinc and vitamin D if given in the first five days of the disease seems to work according to many doctors and studies. Only problem is all of it cost less than $50 instead of the $3,000 for the therapy drugs Big Pharma is pushing.  And, for some reason, Socialists, the CDC and other Deep State Swamp Lizards and Fake News are vehemently opposed to using this cheap treatment.

First, it was because President Trump took the malaria drug, as a preventative with no side effects and suggested it should be used.  They cannot give Trump credit for anything good.  Of course, since Covid deaths were used successfully to rig the Presidential election, the last thing the Socialists wanted was a cheap drug that worked to treat the disease.  Who knows, it might be that when President Trump did get Covid and was treated with the expensive therapies successfully, taking the malaria drug along with zinc and vitamin D long before may have been the reason he got better in days rather than weeks.  

So what is the problem.  My doctor absolutely refused to give my wife and I the malaria drug as a preventative citing the potential for heart problems from it; though there are now studies showing there is no such issue.    Funny, he had no problem giving the malaria pill to us when we traveled to South America to prevent malaria.  We had no side effect.s  By the way, the malaria pill in use for decades is also used to treat Lupus and other diseases as perfectly safe.  

It is now time to cut the crap.  Big Pharma, Fake News and the CDC and other Deep State Swamp Lizards supported Joe Biden in the last election.   Big Pharma was opposed to Trump because he is forcing them to charge Americans the same prices for drugs that they charge in other nations, which would be substantially less.  And, Big Pharma stands to lose billions of dollars if the cheap malaria cocktail is used to treat the virus.  The last thing they and their bought off allies want is a cheap remedy.  

Trump's Project Warp Speed gave Big Pharma $10 billion to develop vaccines, which did happen in record time as a result.  Thank You President Trump.  Big Pharma had absolutely no risk or investment to develop their vaccines, which will be free to the public, but cost the American taxpayer billions since the vaccine will be paid for by the federal government not medical insurance companies. 

All I know is that if anyone in our family gets Covid, we will demand the malaria cocktail in the first five days of the disease.  And, if our doctor refuses to prescribe it, we will FIRE him and find a doctor willing to treat us properly rather than risk going to the hospital.  With so many people getting Covid, this treatment must be allowed.  The Trump Administration purchased 68 million doses of malaria pills.  They are sitting in the federal stockpile.  It is time to get this drug out to pharmacies.   The American people must insist on this malaria cocktail treatment option.  The election is over.   We have to get the politics out of this discussion and stop letting Big Pharma and Deep State Swamp Lizards, feeding at the trough, determine our fate.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Grinch That Stole Thanksgiving & Christmas

With Covid spiking all over the country, Socialist Gestapo Governors are ordering  families to cancel, or limit Thanksgiving gatherings.  No doubt, Christmas will be next.   So, we see mandates all the way from no more than 6 people, to no more than one family, to no gatherings at all etc.   Really!  What can they possibly do to enforce these Gestapo orders. When government over reaches, people will simply ignore the orders.

Families are going to do what they are going to do.  I suspect that it is safer being with people you know in your own home than being with people you don't know at Wal Mart or Costco.  Yes, confining gathering to a smaller number of people probably lessens the odds of having someone enter your home that may have been exposed to Covid, but it can't be any worse than shopping for the turkey at the store. 

More importantly, we are seeing the urges of totalitarian government and it is pretty scary.  The fact is government cannot regulate what we do in our own homes.  That is a line that cannot be crossed.  Next, government will ask neighbors and relatives to act as snitches turning in violators for punishment.  This is what occurred in NAZI Germany and Communist countries.  So don't you dare buy a 25 pound turkey because that could indicate more than 6 people at your home.  You could suddenly get a knock on your door late at night. 

The American people are fed up with lock downs and schools being closed.  These Gestapos are destroying the fabric of our society.  Covid is serious; but the reality is that 99% of people that get it either have no symptoms, have mild symptoms, or have flu like symptoms.  A small percentage end up in hospitals requiring treatment and an even smaller percentage usually over 65 years old with other serious illnesses end up dying.  While every death is tragic.  We all can't stop living because a small number of people are dying.  If that was the case, no one would drive cars, or fly on airplanes where accidents happen and people die.

We must guard our freedoms jealously.  We can't allow government to dictate our way of life and still be a free society.  So casinos can open but not churches.  Private schools are open; but not public schools.  Riots and Looting are permitted, but not peaceful rallies and protests.  It is time for the American people to Just Say No to the Gestapo Grinch that stole Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We can't let it happen!  Families need this quality time together. 






Project Warp Speed - The Vaccine for Covid

Fake News has given President Trump no credit for the biggest mobilization of the federal government since World War II to fight Covid.  The reality is that Trump did everything in the so called Biden Plan to deal with Covid, except panic the country into another Great Depression.  So now as a result of Project Warp Speed and the $10 Billion given to Big Pharma to develop them, vaccines will be deployed before the end of 2020.  Thank You President Trump.  This is happening in record time.  Normally, it takes years to develop a new vaccine; but thanks to the Trump Administration, they will be available this year. 

Fake News and the Socialists said it would never happen.  That Trump was lying all along when he said that the vaccines would be out before the end of the year.  Well guess what, they were wrong.  So where is the Mea Culpa and the apology from the Trump haters.  Not going to happen. 

The good news is that those that work at hospitals along with First Responders and those most vulnerable, people over 65 years old will get the vaccine first.  So, by the end of the first quarter 2021, those most at risk of serious illness or death will be vaccinated.  And, after them all others in our country should have access to the vaccine by the second and third quarters of next year.  No doubt, there will be some that refuse to get the vaccine.  Not sure what the government will do to those people, but given the Gestapo tactics we are seeing, there is likely to be some punishment. 

Trump can take great satisfaction with the work that was done under his watch to deal with Covid.  It just demonstrates once again that the Socialists, RINOS, Deep State Swamp Lizards and Fake New are Liars.  These characters really are enemies of the people. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


The election of 2020 finally put the nail in the coffin of RINOS, Republicans In Name Only, Never Trumpers who needed to die a timely political death.  These are the losers who consistently lost elections.  They are the free traders that sat back and watched 70,000 factories in the US close while manufacturing jobs were shipped to China, Mexico and other countries to benefit their Big Business supporters.  They are the supporters of the military industrial complex that got us into years of foreign wars.  These are the so called Republicans in bed with Big Business, all of which have been feeding at the trough for decades at the expense of Small Business and the American people. 

President Trump got 73 million votes by putting together a broad coalition of working people, small businesses, pro life people of faith, those that support a secure border and law enforcement, lower taxes and less regulations, fair trade deals to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, ending foreign wars, making our allies pay their fair share, supporting School Choice to attract people of color who badly need options to get their kids out of failing inner city public schools and energy independence.  The MAGA Agenda is the future of the Republican Party.  

The result was astounding.  Republicans gained 12 or more seats in the House, hopefully will retain the Senate after the run off election in Georgia on January 5, gained two more state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and added one Governor.  2020 was a Red Wave; though the election may be stolen from President Trump.  Given all of these gains, Trump's loss just does not pass the smell test.  Voter Fraud is obvious.

RINOS like the Lincoln Project were completely repudiated.  They actively raised millions of dollars to support Socialists all of whom lost.  The only place for RINOS is on Fake News as lackeys when ever they want to drag out so called Republicans.   But since they have no credibility as losers, 96% of real Republicans that support Trump and the MAGA Agenda pay no attention.  Long Live MAGA.  RINOS are Dead -THANKFULLY FOREVER.   

Monday, November 16, 2020

The Green New Deal - Higher Energy Cost, Lower Standard of Living and Jobs Destroyed

Should Joe Biden be elected President and without a Republican Senate to restrain him, the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform requires implementation of the Green New Deal, which absolutely will lead to higher energy costs, a lower standard of living for all Americans and millions of jobs lost.  Let me tell you why.

The solar panels and wind turbines that are part of Biden's clean energy plan are made in China, Germany and other countries.  American companies could not compete so those jobs all ended up overseas.   Jobs in our current energy industry in oil, natural gas, nuclear and coal cannot be off shored.  Those are high paying jobs that would disappear as we move away from being energy independent to being dependent on other countries for our energy.  As it is, powering New York City alone would require covering the whole state of Connecticut with solar panels.  The technology is just not there yet to cost effectively power a modern first world economy using renewable energy alone.  Nuclear power would be very feasible, except it is almost impossible to get nuclear power plants approved.  New nuclear plants have not been built in years.  The Green New Deal will kill 5 million jobs in the US that will not be replaced. 

Green energy is not cheap energy.  Just look at La La Land, California.  They are implementing the Green New Deal now.  It has led to gasoline prices that are double the rest of the country, very high electricity prices and black outs.  California has about 40 million people depending on how illegal aliens are counted.  So, it a big enough example to make generalizations as to what would happen in the rest of the country if Biden's Green New Deal was implemented nationwide.  It would be a disaster for our country.  Since Americans would have to spend more on energy, they would have less disposable income to buy other things, take vacations etc.  Hence, all Americans would experience a lower standard of living. 

And, the Green New Deal would hurt the poor most who no doubt would require all kinds of subsidies to afford energy to heat and power their apartments and homes.  Of course, Socialists have no problem with more government hand out's to keep the poor and working poor tied to them as voters so they would take from the Makers in our society and give to the Takers.   Nothing new on that score. 

Finally, Biden plans to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord as part of his New Green Deal Socialist Scheme.  While our country would be required to meet strict emission standards, China and India, the largest polluters in the world would have decades to comply placing our industries at a severe disadvantage killing millions of job as more factories close.  Finally, the Paris Climate Accord is a gigantic Socialist scheme to redistribute wealth from first world countries, mostly the US to third world countries.  Biden would transfer American taxpayer dollars to third world countries to help them deal with higher energy costs.  This means less money to support the poor and senior citizens in the US.  All of this is as dumb as it gets.  We all better hope Republicans retain control of the Senate on January 5 with the Special Election for two senate seats in Georgia.  Otherwise, the Socialists will push through their Green New Deal as part of their agenda to destroy our carbon energy industry. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Fake News CNN Is For Sale - Justice Is Coming

ATT, the owner of CNN has more than $150 Billion in Debt so naturally they have to dump their losers to raise cash.  Word on the street is that Fake News CNN is for sale to the highest bidder.  For four years, CNN has been hateful 7/24 Trump Derangement Syndrome Fake News.  It has cost them viewers and ratings.  Fox News is consistently higher rated for now. though they appear to be going over to the dark side so we will see for how long.  Many Conservative viewers have already switched to NewsNation.

So just imagine if Trump does lose the Presidency as a result of obvious voter fraud.  Trump certainly could put investors together to buy CNN to make it great again.  For years we always used to watch CNN for world and national news.  They were real journalists in those days until Trump made many of them crazy.  Naturally, if Trump or any group of investors were to buy CNN, heads would roll because of all the Socialist Party Hacks with ratings in the toilet.  They will have to be FIRED.  So, Cooper, Cuomo, Lemon, Tapper, Blitzer, King, Toobin and many others would have to be FIRED.  Of course it would be sweet justice; but it is strictly business.  Any group of investors would want to increase shareholder value and the only way to do that is to increase ad revenues based on ratings.  The Fake News BS artists listed above consistently have poor ratings so naturally their Heads would roll.  And, what great fun Trump would have doing it on Twitter. 

It is also time for a name change too.   Let's go with TNN.  I know you are thinking it should be Trump News Network, which I like; but we could also go with Truth News Network.  It is time to end the 7/24 Fake News.  To get ratings up, the investor group would have to attract the winners at Fox.   So, Hannity, Carlson, Ingram, Levin, Hilton, Judge Jeanine, Rivera, Watters, the guys on the Morning Show and a few others.  They would all move over if the right management team is in place because now that Fox is being run by Rupert Murdock's son Lachlan, it is starting to move left and go down hill.   Lachlan Murdock is very left wing and is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

As Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  We have seen 4 years of Socialist lies and propaganda on CNN Fake News.  Justice is coming.  MSDNC will be next.  Their ratings stink too. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Trump Presidency - The Glass Is Half Full

If President Trump is pushed out of office as a result of voter fraud, 73 million Americans that voted for Trump need to see the glass half full not half empty.  Trump's accomplishments in just four years are remarkable.  He reshaped the Republican Party so that they are positioned to actually win elections using the MAGA agenda as their platform.  We saw this happen big time in 2020 as Republicans picked up 12 or more House Seats, most likely will retain the Senate (God Willing) through the run off election on January 5 in Georgia, gained two more state legislatures to add to the 26 Republicans already control and picked up a Republican Governor.  In all ways, the 2020 election was a Red Wave and repudiation of the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform.   There is no way that an Illegitimate President Joe Biden can claim a mandate because it did not happen.  Biden's lead in the popular vote all came out of La La Land, California.  Without it, Trump probably won the popular vote. 

Next, Judges, Judges, Judges.   In addition to three Supreme Court Justices and more than 250 federal judges Trump put on the court, all vetted by the Federalist Society, Trump has reshaped the courts with Conservatives that will be there for decades to come.  This will become critical as Republican State Attorney Generals challenge any crazy Socialist Schemes Biden tries to put into law as unconstitutional. 

Trump has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes, which he surely deserves for his work making peace in the Middle East.  Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel are a big deal that no President would dare to reverse.  Getting Arab countries to recognize Israel in coalition against Iran is really incredible.  Let's see if Biden does better.  I hope so.

Trump is the first President to actually take on China, which is why they supported Biden for President.  China owns Biden.  However, now that Trump has achieved some success, Biden will be measured against Trump's accomplishments.  Biden will have to do better related to the trade deal with China and he will be dealing with the hard stuff.  The big issue is stopping intellectual property theft, which China does daily and the dumping of cheap goods into the US, which results in our factories being closed and job losses. 

Trump succeeded in destroying ISIS and taking out high profile Terrorists.  Let's not forget that Biden was against Obama killing Osama Bin Laden.  Even Crooked Hillary had more balls than Biden when she was Secretary of State supporting Obama's actions.   So when Biden lifts that ban on travel from Muslim countries that harbor Terrorists and some sneak into our country, which is inevitable, we are likely to see murders committed by Islamic Fascist Terrorists in the US as occurs in Britain, France, Germany and other countries.  When that happens, Biden will be compared to Trump who kept America safe. 

Trump succeeded in building 400 miles of border wall to secure our border.  Biden won't tear any of it down; but he has said not one more foot.  Biden will open our border to illegal aliens and they will flood in overwhelming our social welfare systems.  The American people will quickly see the chaos that will come from opening our border; crime, drugs, sex trafficking etc.  Biden will be blamed.

Biden will support the Cancel Culture and the Defund the Police movement though by perhaps another name that most Americans oppose.  Crime will go up.  While Trump will be known as the Law and Order President, Biden will quickly be seen as weak on crime.  We will see more chaos in our cities with assaults, rioting, looting and arson committed by Antifa and BLM.  Biden will do little to stop it while at the same time he supports Sanctuary Cities harboring criminal illegal aliens.  Biden is boxed in by the left.  He can't forcefully deal with these issues.   

Trump got NATO Allies to finally start paying their fair share.  Biden will let up on this requirement as countries in Europe go back to their old ways.  And, Trump put in place great trade deals to bring jobs back to the US.  Biden will probably re-enter the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the deal with Asian countries that will kill American jobs.  Biden will then be compared to Trump who put America First.  This will all make Biden look like a sap.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord because it was not in the interest of the United States.  On day one, Biden will re-enter the Paris Climate Accord.  The end result will be killing energy jobs in the US, higher cost for energy and a lower standard of living for all Americans.  Trump left office with the United States being energy independent for the first time in 75 years.  Biden's actions will lead to the bad old days when we were dependent on other countries for our energy. 

Trump cut taxes and regulations and we saw the end result.  The strongest economy in American history.  If the Republicans lose the Senate, Biden will raise taxes Trillions of dollars.   Millions of jobs will be lost.  The stock market will fall.  Economic growth will die.  Biden will be blamed. 

All of this positions the Republicans to gain control of Congress in 2022They only need a few more House seats to get there.  And, Trump will never stop running for reelection.   He will announce that he is a candidate for 2024.  Highly doubtful that any other Republican will challenge him given the 73 million votes that he got in 2020.  Suspect he will bring a woman on as Vice President; maybe Nikki Haley who is highly qualified.  He then can appoint Mike Pence to be Secretary of State or some other position. 

So we all need to see the glass as half full.  Biden Harris and the Socialists will screw things up so badly that the American people will beg for Trump to come back into office.  They will accept Trump's personality quirks to get effective government again.  I really believe God has a plan.   If Trump does have to step aside for now, it will be just in time to appoint more Supreme Court Justices four years from now.  So hang on to your hats.  Four years goes by pretty quick.  And by the way, Trump will be running against Kamela Harris.  Biden will be gone sooner than later as a result of his dementia. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Biden - Another Lock Down Coming

Should illegitimate Joe Biden actually become President as a result of voter fraud, there is a 50/50% chance that he will implement another devastating lock down.  Trump and Republican Governors have produced a V shaped recovery by opening up the economy so that now unemployment is down to about 6.5%, half what it was when the economy was shut down as 13 million people have gone back to work. However, if Biden follows the advice of the "scientists" as he has promised to do, he will implement a shut down because Covid cases are going up as winter climate hits the nation.

This would be a huge mistake especially since Socialist Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and Chuck Schumer of New York City have failed to put another Stimulus Plan in place, which is badly needed NOW.  Already 325,000 restaurants, many family owned in addition to 25,000 stores have closed permanently as a result of the last shut down.  If businesses don't get more PPP money and they don't raise the cap of $150,000 on SBA loans immediately, we will see many more businesses fail before the end of the year with more lay-off's and that is without another shut down.  It is time for the Socialists to stop playing politics and get another Stimulus Plan in place.  At last count, President Trump was willing to sign a $2 Trillion deal; but Nancy Pelosi is holding out for more pork for poorly managed blue states and cities.  Republicans will not sign on to her pork fest so Fancy Nancy needs to stop the BS and get the job done.   As it was, she was punished for her behaviors as Republicans picked up at least 12 or more House seats as the Socialist hang on to a very slim majority in the House.  Pelosi should get the blame. 

Covid cases are going up as deaths go down.  This is happening because there is  testing on every street corner.  The good news is that 99% of people who get Covid have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or flu like symptoms.  A small number end up in hospitals to receive life saving treatments.  And yes, a small number usually over 65 years old with other serious health issues do die.  One death is too many, so we should wear masks when indoors and wash our hands frequently.  But otherwise, we should take precautions and go on with life.  There is no other reasonable choice.

Project Warpspeed implemented by the Trump administration, which paid Big Pharma $10 billion to develop a vaccine in record time worked.  Several companies have announced that they are ready to go with effective vaccines.   President Trump has the military ready to distribute the vaccines by the end of the year.  Millions of doses will be administered to front line workers and senior citizens first and then all others.  The Trump Administration did a remarkable job mobilizing the entire federal government to fight Covid.  Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR.  If Obama had done all that Trump has done, Fake News would be calling him Saint Obama.  Of course, Fake News has not reported these successes because their job in concert with the Socialists, RINOS, Deep State Swamp Lizards, Hollywood and Big Business has been to destroy the Trump Presidency.  In the short term, they may have succeeded.  But this story is far from over.  If Trump loses as a result of voter fraud, this will be just one battle in the war that will only intensify.  What Trump haters do not realize is that he will be more powerful and dangerous to them out of office than encumbered by the Presidency.  They ain't seen nothing yet.  They are going to feel the wrath of 73 million voters who will neither forgive, nor forget their treachery. 

The Trump Republican Party

Win or Lose, there can be no doubt that President Trump has put together a new Republican coalition.  He garnered about 73 million votes in 2020, 10 million more than in 2016.  He has gotten more votes than any President running for reelection in American history.  In fact, Obama actually got 4 million fewer votes when he ran for reelection than he received when he first ran.  There was clearly a Red Wave in 2020 as Republicans gained as many as 12 or more seats in the House, are likely to retain the Senate, gained two more state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and added a Republican Governor.  This all happened because Trump was on the ballot. 

Establishment Republicans better take notice.  And by the way, the RINO Lincoln Project that spent millions trying to take down Republican members of Congress failed miserably in every case.  The old Republican Party that loses Presidential elections was the party of big business, Wall Street and free trade that killed millions of jobs.  The Trump Republican Party is the party of low taxes and less regulations, working people, small business, Pro-Life Evangelicals and other Devout Christians and Catholics, people of color, gun owners, those that support law and order, America First Trade Deals, Energy Independence, Secure borders and less involvement in foreign wars.

Any Republican running for any office in our country better recognize that these positions are the way to win elections.  In some cases depending on the Congressional district or state, it may be necessary to finesse some of these positions; but overall Trump's outreach to voters worked.  So proposing Trump's positions; but without the personality flaws is the way to go. 

Ironically, the Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party of America supported by Coastal Elites, Big Business that wants open borders for cheap labor and lousy trade deals to give them access to China, Hollywood, foreign entanglements that will get the US into more wars, Big Tech, those that support abortion right up until birth and even beyond, open borders, those that want to curtail or even eliminate gun rights, the Green New Deal, government single payer health care and socialized medicine, defunding the police, higher taxes and job killing regulations.  Many of these things would destroy jobs and result in a lower standard of living for the American people. 

President Trump and Trumpism is not going away any time soon.  Trump may eventually be forced to leave the White House; but he will not concede the election that was tarnished by massive voter fraud, which resulted from Socialist Governors mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots.   Trump will soon establish a Political Action Committee to raise billions of dollars to support candidates at all level of government committed to his MAGA  Agenda.   President Trump has forever changed the Republican Party for the better to win elections.      



Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Biden's First Days in Office - Bad News

If Biden is elected by voter fraud, he has already indicated the things he would do by Executive Order in his first days in office and they are all bad news for our country.  First, he will have the United States reenter the Paris Climate Accord.  That quasi treaty that was never ratified by the Senate, as required by law would impose strict emission standards on the United States that would raise the cost of energy for all Americans and lower our standard of living.  Further, while we would have to live by these standards, China and India, the worst polluters in the world are given decades to continue their pollution putting our industries at a competitive disadvantage killing millions of jobs.  And finally, the United States would be required to pay third world countries billions of dollars each year to allow them to adjust to the new emission standards.   The Paris Climate Accord is really a global redistribution of income socialist scheme. 

Next, Biden would end the ban on Muslims coming into the US that Trump imposed from countries known to harbor Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  Since it is very difficult to verify who these people are very likely Terrorists would be allowed to sneak into our country.  We can see the end result in countries like France, Germany and Britain that experience murders on their streets committed by these Terrorists.

Biden plans to end enforcement of the Mexico City Policy that prohibits any US Tax Dollars from going to non government organizations (NGO's) that fund abortions overseas.  This is a policy put in place by President Reagan that every Republican President implements and every Socialist President rescinds in the name of reproductive rights on a global basis.   It is bad enough that we have had 70 million abortions in the US since Roe V Wade, Socialists are determined to kill babies overseas too. 

Biden will rejoin the World Health Organization that Trump pulled out of because they colluded with China to hide the China Covid Virus. That means giving the WHO about $500 million hard earned tax payer dollars each year.  This is an organization controlled by China that gives them about 10% of what we contribute each year. 

Finally, Biden would give DACA kids, who are mostly adults now, illegal aliens brought across the border by their parents when they were children permanent legal status.  Eventually, this will lead to their parents being given permanent legal status too under chain migration laws.  Obama put this in place even though he said then he did not have the Constitutional authority to do so. There are about 800,000 of them.  Dealing with DACA should be part of immigration reform to properly deal with the estimated 11 million illegal aliens in our country.  And, we can forget about the border wall.  Though I doubt Biden would tear down the 400 miles of wall already completed by Trump, it is highly doubtful that he will finish the wall because Socialists support open borders and the Catch and Release Plan that Trump has stopped.  All those illegal aliens waiting for their day in court so to speak in Mexico to determine if legal asylum in the US is warranted will no doubt be allowed into our country as Biden resumes Catch and Release.  You can bet on it if Biden becomes President.

This is just the beginning.  Unless Republicans retain the Senate, which will be determined by the run off election in Georgia on January 5, the radicals in the Socialist Party will demand that Biden make good on the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform that will make the United States a socialist country.   We just can't let that happen.   Resist, Resist, Resist.  Peaceful Protests in the streets in every city in our  country.  Get those Don't Thread on Me Yellow flags with the coiled snake ready for the battles that are coming.  And now, we must immediately focus on 2022 for Republicans to take back the House and retain and grow the Senate Majority to stop Biden Harris before they even get started.  We must also elect Republican state Attorney Generals because they can use the courts to help stop Socialist Schemes that are unconstitutional. 


Biden Calls For Healing - Not Going to Happen

When the dust settles, if Joe Biden is elected the 46th President of the United States as a result of voter fraud he will forever by viewed as illegitimate by half the country.  Socialist Governors mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots has resulted in the dead voting along with thousands of other illegitimate ballots going into the count in these battleground states.  Isn't interesting that many ballots were counted with just votes for Joe Biden on them and no other candidates or propositions.  Republican poll watchers in many instances were denied entry.  Socialist Governors unilaterally changed their state rules in violation of their laws to facilitate fraud.  And, Socialist Governors and Secretary's of State have often eliminated Voter ID and signature requirements and or verification.  Envelopes on mail in ballots that had signatures on them were discarded or destroyed making tracing impossible. 

Donald Trump won this election in a Red Wave across the whole country.  The evidence is clear.   Republicans flipped and won as many as 12 new House Seats.  Republicans are likely to retain the Senate.   Republicans picked up a few more state legislatures to add to the 26 they already have.  Republicans added a Governor.  All of this was a rejection of Biden's Socialist Manifesto.  Trump won resoundingly in states with honest elections.  Trump losing just does not pass the smell test given all the other Republican gains.

So now Joe Biden calls for "healing".  I don't think so.  The Socialists, RINOS, Fake News, Hollywood, Big Business and the Deep State Establishment Swamp Lizards have spent four year attempting to destroy the Trump Presidency in the most vicious attacks ever seen in American politics or history including treason.  And now, Biden wants healing.  Hell NO!  Trump succeeded anyway to accomplish more in four years than any other President in American history.  But now it is pay back time. 

Half the country can neither forget nor forgive the fraud we see, nor the actions of the Trump Haters for four years.  If Trump is forced out of the White House as a result of Voter Fraud,  we will intensify our efforts to end the Biden Presidency before it even begins.  The run off election in Georgia on January 5 is the first step to insure that Republicans retain the Senate to be a check on Biden's Socialist Manifesto.   Next, we will target Socialists in the 2022 election to take back the House and grow the Senate Majority.  Money will be no object to get the job done. 

Win or lose in 2020, President Trump will lead a PAC to raise billions of dollars to focus on those Socialists who must be removed from office in 2022 and 2024.  And, finally, Biden can expect Republican State Attorney Generals to challenge his crazy Socialist Schemes in court.   There will be no healing.  The 2020 election is just one more battle in the war to Make America Great Again.  Let's not forget that Donald Trump can run again in 2024 and don't be surprised if he does so. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

The Divide In America - Irreconcilable Differences

Whether Biden or Trump wins the election, the fact is that we have irreconcilable differences in America that cannot be bridged.  Therefore, it is impossible for Biden or Trump to unite the country.   In fact, the divide has never been greater since the Civil War.  And, though there are Red and Blue states, it is more about half of the country that totally disagrees with the other half on just about every important issue.   When the dust settles perhaps 150 million Americans voted in the 2020 election and Biden and Trump basically split the vote. 

Trump supporters oppose virtually everything that Biden has expressed in his Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform.  We oppose abortion right up until birth and even after.  We see it as evil.  Maybe devout Christians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims could live with abortion no later than the heart beat at 7 or 8 weeks, which is bad enough; but the Socialists position is now so extreme that there can be no compromise.   We absolutely oppose the Green New Deal because it will kill millions of jobs and result in a lower standard of living for all Americans especially now that we are energy independent.  As such, we oppose the Paris Climate Accord  because it requires that billions of tax payer dollars be given to third world countries each year and allows China and India, the world's biggest polluters, years to comply.  We oppose restrictions on our Second Amendment gun rights.  We oppose restrictions on our First Amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of speech and religion.  We oppose higher taxes and more job killing regulations.   We oppose stupid trade deals that resulted in 70,000 factories being closed and 5 million jobs being shipped to China, Mexico and other countries.  We oppose Open Borders.   We oppose immediate legalization of illegal aliens and providing them entitlements.   We oppose single payer government health care.  We oppose failed ObamaCare. And, now we see the Cancel Culture denying our history and Antifa and BLM communist terrorist organizations rioting, looting and burning down our cities calling for defunding the police.  All Americans should support Law and Order; yet Socialists are silent on dealing with these criminal thugs. 

On issue after issue, the divide is real and very intense.  Now Joe Biden says it is a time to heal in America when Fake News, Socialists, RINOS and DC Swamp Lizards did everything possible to destroy President Trump from the first day he and Melania came down that escalator at Trump Tower.  We have never seen a 7/24 attack on any President as occurred against President Trump for the entire 4 years he has been in office.  It has been referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Biden can forget about healing.  It is not going to happen.  Trump succeeded anyway, but not without the pain and anguish that they caused our country.  There can be no healing.  As soon as Trump was elected, they proclaimed, Resist, Resist, Resist.  So now they are going to see what it means to have half the country opposed to them and their agenda.   We will Never Give Up, Never Give In related to making our country a Socialist nation.  And, we will fight tooth and nail to stop all their crazy ideas.   The election in 2020 was but one battle in this war.  As it turned out, 2020 was a Red Wave.  The Socialists and their allies better see this train coming.  If Biden wins by voter fraud, he will never be accepted as legitimate.  That means Trump Supporters will do everything possible to make Biden Harris a one term President.  We will immediately focus on 2022 to win back the House and retain the Senate.  Biden Harris will be over before they even begin. 

The Trump Legacy - MAGA Is Not Going Away

After writing my blog National Freedom Forum thoughout the Obama Presidency, in December, 2015, I signed off to focus on my new my new radio show CEO Business Mind.  At that point, National Freedom Forum had readers in 46 states and 23 countries.  My last post, which you can read today spoke of the dangers facing our country.  While the country had moved to the right during the Obama years, my hope back then was that in 2016, we would elect a Republican President to get the country back on track after the horrible Obama years.   Guess what, I am back!.  I will be posting on National Freedom Forum regularly because we are in a fight to save our country from the evils of Socialism like never before. 

At that time, in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States.  My first inclination that it could happen was after my wife and I attended a Trump Rally during the primaries in Reno.  There were 4,000 people there; but they weren't establishment Republicans.  They came from all walks of life.  I went back to my friends, typical country club Republicans and I said something was happening.  And, then I got further confirmation when I found out that my blue collar cousins in Youngstown, Ohio where I was born were all in for Trump.  As it turns out, in the general election in 2016, Northern Ohio voted Republican for the first time since 1928 as Trump carried Ohio by 8 points.

Trump's Make America Great Again slogan, which placed America First resonated with the forgotten man and woman in America.  Globalism had been great for many in America; but the cost was 70,000 factories closed all over the country and 5 million manufacturing jobs exported to China, Mexico and other countries.  Trump recognized the people left behind.   And, he was a New York street fighter tough enough to not only beat Establishment Republicans, but also the Clinton machine.  Republicans had tried the officer, John McCain, and the gentleman, Mitt Romney and failed to win the Presidency because the old Republican Party of Wall Street and big business could not relate to main street.  

The irony is that Donald Trump, a very wealthy and in many ways flawed man made the Republican Party the party of the working man and woman and small business.  And, as of today, the Democrat Party, which is now the Socialist Party of America is the party of the elite, Fake News, Wall Street, Big Tech and very big global companies.  

During Trump's first term in office from even before he was elected, he faced constant and unprecedented attacks from many that have been feeding at the trough for years.  Those in the Deep State Swamp benefiting from the status quo did everything they could to destroy the Trump Presidency.  Yet Donald Trump still got big things done for our country and the world.  Fake News never gave Trump credit for anything that was accomplished.  Best economy in American history,  energy independence, building back the military, helping Vets, destroying ISIS, peace in the Middle East, trade deals, judges and so much more.  If Obama had done these things he would have been called Saint Obama.  But the fact is that Trump has never been part of the DC Swamp "Club".  And as such, their Trump Derangement Syndrome made it impossible for the left to acknowledge Trump's greatness. 

As of this blog posting on November 8, 2020 even thought the Fake News Media has called the election for Biden Harris, it remains to be seen if they have actually won.  It sure looks like millions of unsolicited ballots mailed out by Socialist Governors has led to voter fraud.  The Trump Team will be filing numerous lawsuits some of which may end up at the Supreme Court.  Electors must be chosen by December 14.  If battle  ground state elections are not certified by then, State Legislatures many of which are controlled by Republicans in the states that matter will choose Electors for Trump. 

Win or lose, Trump and the MAGA Movement are not going away.  71 million Americans voted for Trump.  In 2016, Trump got around 63 million votes.  Trump increased his vote by adding many Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Gays more than any other Republican President.  If California was taken out of the mix, Trump probably  won the popular vote.   He actually got more votes than Obama.  And, this election does not pass the smell test.  Republicans gained seats in the House.  Republicans will probably retain the Senate.  Republicans added even more state legislatures to the 26 they already control.   The 2020 Election was actually a Red Wave even though Socialists supported by the Establishment spent billions of dollars trying to win elections.  Donald Trump won this election.   The fact is that the Socialists, Fake News, RINOS, Big Business and Big Tech are attempting to steal the election by years of negative press and voter fraud.  No matter what happens, Trump will come out the winner.   Donald Trump will be a force in American politics, one way or another, for many years to come.