Thursday, November 19, 2020

Treatment for Covid - Politics and Big Pharma

 Covid is spiking in the US, yet a simple treatment using malaria pills, ZPack antibiotics, steroids, zinc and vitamin D if given in the first five days of the disease seems to work according to many doctors and studies. Only problem is all of it cost less than $50 instead of the $3,000 for the therapy drugs Big Pharma is pushing.  And, for some reason, Socialists, the CDC and other Deep State Swamp Lizards and Fake News are vehemently opposed to using this cheap treatment.

First, it was because President Trump took the malaria drug, as a preventative with no side effects and suggested it should be used.  They cannot give Trump credit for anything good.  Of course, since Covid deaths were used successfully to rig the Presidential election, the last thing the Socialists wanted was a cheap drug that worked to treat the disease.  Who knows, it might be that when President Trump did get Covid and was treated with the expensive therapies successfully, taking the malaria drug along with zinc and vitamin D long before may have been the reason he got better in days rather than weeks.  

So what is the problem.  My doctor absolutely refused to give my wife and I the malaria drug as a preventative citing the potential for heart problems from it; though there are now studies showing there is no such issue.    Funny, he had no problem giving the malaria pill to us when we traveled to South America to prevent malaria.  We had no side effect.s  By the way, the malaria pill in use for decades is also used to treat Lupus and other diseases as perfectly safe.  

It is now time to cut the crap.  Big Pharma, Fake News and the CDC and other Deep State Swamp Lizards supported Joe Biden in the last election.   Big Pharma was opposed to Trump because he is forcing them to charge Americans the same prices for drugs that they charge in other nations, which would be substantially less.  And, Big Pharma stands to lose billions of dollars if the cheap malaria cocktail is used to treat the virus.  The last thing they and their bought off allies want is a cheap remedy.  

Trump's Project Warp Speed gave Big Pharma $10 billion to develop vaccines, which did happen in record time as a result.  Thank You President Trump.  Big Pharma had absolutely no risk or investment to develop their vaccines, which will be free to the public, but cost the American taxpayer billions since the vaccine will be paid for by the federal government not medical insurance companies. 

All I know is that if anyone in our family gets Covid, we will demand the malaria cocktail in the first five days of the disease.  And, if our doctor refuses to prescribe it, we will FIRE him and find a doctor willing to treat us properly rather than risk going to the hospital.  With so many people getting Covid, this treatment must be allowed.  The Trump Administration purchased 68 million doses of malaria pills.  They are sitting in the federal stockpile.  It is time to get this drug out to pharmacies.   The American people must insist on this malaria cocktail treatment option.  The election is over.   We have to get the politics out of this discussion and stop letting Big Pharma and Deep State Swamp Lizards, feeding at the trough, determine our fate.  

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