Monday, November 9, 2020

The Trump Legacy - MAGA Is Not Going Away

After writing my blog National Freedom Forum thoughout the Obama Presidency, in December, 2015, I signed off to focus on my new my new radio show CEO Business Mind.  At that point, National Freedom Forum had readers in 46 states and 23 countries.  My last post, which you can read today spoke of the dangers facing our country.  While the country had moved to the right during the Obama years, my hope back then was that in 2016, we would elect a Republican President to get the country back on track after the horrible Obama years.   Guess what, I am back!.  I will be posting on National Freedom Forum regularly because we are in a fight to save our country from the evils of Socialism like never before. 

At that time, in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States.  My first inclination that it could happen was after my wife and I attended a Trump Rally during the primaries in Reno.  There were 4,000 people there; but they weren't establishment Republicans.  They came from all walks of life.  I went back to my friends, typical country club Republicans and I said something was happening.  And, then I got further confirmation when I found out that my blue collar cousins in Youngstown, Ohio where I was born were all in for Trump.  As it turns out, in the general election in 2016, Northern Ohio voted Republican for the first time since 1928 as Trump carried Ohio by 8 points.

Trump's Make America Great Again slogan, which placed America First resonated with the forgotten man and woman in America.  Globalism had been great for many in America; but the cost was 70,000 factories closed all over the country and 5 million manufacturing jobs exported to China, Mexico and other countries.  Trump recognized the people left behind.   And, he was a New York street fighter tough enough to not only beat Establishment Republicans, but also the Clinton machine.  Republicans had tried the officer, John McCain, and the gentleman, Mitt Romney and failed to win the Presidency because the old Republican Party of Wall Street and big business could not relate to main street.  

The irony is that Donald Trump, a very wealthy and in many ways flawed man made the Republican Party the party of the working man and woman and small business.  And, as of today, the Democrat Party, which is now the Socialist Party of America is the party of the elite, Fake News, Wall Street, Big Tech and very big global companies.  

During Trump's first term in office from even before he was elected, he faced constant and unprecedented attacks from many that have been feeding at the trough for years.  Those in the Deep State Swamp benefiting from the status quo did everything they could to destroy the Trump Presidency.  Yet Donald Trump still got big things done for our country and the world.  Fake News never gave Trump credit for anything that was accomplished.  Best economy in American history,  energy independence, building back the military, helping Vets, destroying ISIS, peace in the Middle East, trade deals, judges and so much more.  If Obama had done these things he would have been called Saint Obama.  But the fact is that Trump has never been part of the DC Swamp "Club".  And as such, their Trump Derangement Syndrome made it impossible for the left to acknowledge Trump's greatness. 

As of this blog posting on November 8, 2020 even thought the Fake News Media has called the election for Biden Harris, it remains to be seen if they have actually won.  It sure looks like millions of unsolicited ballots mailed out by Socialist Governors has led to voter fraud.  The Trump Team will be filing numerous lawsuits some of which may end up at the Supreme Court.  Electors must be chosen by December 14.  If battle  ground state elections are not certified by then, State Legislatures many of which are controlled by Republicans in the states that matter will choose Electors for Trump. 

Win or lose, Trump and the MAGA Movement are not going away.  71 million Americans voted for Trump.  In 2016, Trump got around 63 million votes.  Trump increased his vote by adding many Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Gays more than any other Republican President.  If California was taken out of the mix, Trump probably  won the popular vote.   He actually got more votes than Obama.  And, this election does not pass the smell test.  Republicans gained seats in the House.  Republicans will probably retain the Senate.  Republicans added even more state legislatures to the 26 they already control.   The 2020 Election was actually a Red Wave even though Socialists supported by the Establishment spent billions of dollars trying to win elections.  Donald Trump won this election.   The fact is that the Socialists, Fake News, RINOS, Big Business and Big Tech are attempting to steal the election by years of negative press and voter fraud.  No matter what happens, Trump will come out the winner.   Donald Trump will be a force in American politics, one way or another, for many years to come.     

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