Friday, November 13, 2020

Biden - Another Lock Down Coming

Should illegitimate Joe Biden actually become President as a result of voter fraud, there is a 50/50% chance that he will implement another devastating lock down.  Trump and Republican Governors have produced a V shaped recovery by opening up the economy so that now unemployment is down to about 6.5%, half what it was when the economy was shut down as 13 million people have gone back to work. However, if Biden follows the advice of the "scientists" as he has promised to do, he will implement a shut down because Covid cases are going up as winter climate hits the nation.

This would be a huge mistake especially since Socialist Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and Chuck Schumer of New York City have failed to put another Stimulus Plan in place, which is badly needed NOW.  Already 325,000 restaurants, many family owned in addition to 25,000 stores have closed permanently as a result of the last shut down.  If businesses don't get more PPP money and they don't raise the cap of $150,000 on SBA loans immediately, we will see many more businesses fail before the end of the year with more lay-off's and that is without another shut down.  It is time for the Socialists to stop playing politics and get another Stimulus Plan in place.  At last count, President Trump was willing to sign a $2 Trillion deal; but Nancy Pelosi is holding out for more pork for poorly managed blue states and cities.  Republicans will not sign on to her pork fest so Fancy Nancy needs to stop the BS and get the job done.   As it was, she was punished for her behaviors as Republicans picked up at least 12 or more House seats as the Socialist hang on to a very slim majority in the House.  Pelosi should get the blame. 

Covid cases are going up as deaths go down.  This is happening because there is  testing on every street corner.  The good news is that 99% of people who get Covid have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or flu like symptoms.  A small number end up in hospitals to receive life saving treatments.  And yes, a small number usually over 65 years old with other serious health issues do die.  One death is too many, so we should wear masks when indoors and wash our hands frequently.  But otherwise, we should take precautions and go on with life.  There is no other reasonable choice.

Project Warpspeed implemented by the Trump administration, which paid Big Pharma $10 billion to develop a vaccine in record time worked.  Several companies have announced that they are ready to go with effective vaccines.   President Trump has the military ready to distribute the vaccines by the end of the year.  Millions of doses will be administered to front line workers and senior citizens first and then all others.  The Trump Administration did a remarkable job mobilizing the entire federal government to fight Covid.  Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR.  If Obama had done all that Trump has done, Fake News would be calling him Saint Obama.  Of course, Fake News has not reported these successes because their job in concert with the Socialists, RINOS, Deep State Swamp Lizards, Hollywood and Big Business has been to destroy the Trump Presidency.  In the short term, they may have succeeded.  But this story is far from over.  If Trump loses as a result of voter fraud, this will be just one battle in the war that will only intensify.  What Trump haters do not realize is that he will be more powerful and dangerous to them out of office than encumbered by the Presidency.  They ain't seen nothing yet.  They are going to feel the wrath of 73 million voters who will neither forgive, nor forget their treachery. 


  1. This 244 year old republic of ours cannot afford ill informed rhetoric like yours that is designed to rip it apart internally. The Cold War has been over for decades but I don't expect you to understand that because of your age. Just observe some of the advanced European economies who employ socialist priciples.Finally, it appears you have not lost family members or have young children to protect. This global pandemic, one of many that has plagued mankind in world history, needed to be addressed aggressively with preventive measures on a national scale (like in Japan, China, Hong Kong, etc), not politicized by people like you and your progeny who appear ready to sacrifice human lives as long as it's not yours.

  2. Hey Unknown: I have lived through 12 Presidents and none has been as effective as Trump. He is a character for sure but he got big things done. And, I worry not only about our sons and their families; but my grandchildren. I want them to have the same opportunities that I had all of which came from hard work not family money. So, while the pandemic will be dealt with shortly with vaccines and treatments, wrecking our country takes generations to fix. I was a history teacher year ago. The lessons of history teach us that Socialism always leads to misery, poverty a lower standard of living and even murder. No thanks. We will fight to the end to stop it. Joe Morabito

  3. Hey Dopey: I lived through the Cold War which Ronald Reagan ended by defeating Communism. And I have been to the Socialist Nirvanas you mention in Europe. My employees based in Europe used to bring empty suitcases to the US to buy basic items to avoid the VAT sales tax of 17 - 23% on those items. Goods cost 30% less in the US because of all the taxes. Gas at $8 a gallon. Lower standard of living. People living in shoe boxes. Yes cradle to grave everything; but they paid for it with much higher taxes and restrictions. No thanks. JM