Friday, November 20, 2020

The Case for Voter Fraud

The 2020 Election does not pass the smell test.  What we saw was a Red Wave as Republicans gained at least 12 House seats and are likely to retain the Senate depending on what happens in the Georgia Senate run-off on January 5th.  Republicans also gained two state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and gained one Republican Governor; yet somehow Donald Trump who won all the big states that mattered decisively, Ohio, Florida and Texas; lost the election. I don't think so.

I smell a Socialist Rat fed by Fake News, RINOS, Big Business and Deep State Swamp Lizards.  Socialist Governors mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots that were gathered up and voted once they were able to see what they needed to defeat Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, without which Joe Biden could not win the Presidency.  These states are all controlled by corrupt Socialists in the big cities that mattered.  It is clear that the dead voted along with many others fraudulently.  Crooked Hillary advised Joe Biden never to concede because "the votes would be there for him". 

And then, there is the Dominion software that apparently was manipulated to change votes from Trump to Biden.  And, there were thousands of ballots where only a vote for Biden was cast with no down ballot votes.  This is very odd.  Further, the envelopes with the signatures were destroyed making verification after the fact impossible.  Does anybody seriously think these things happened by accident. 

Further, Republicans in these big Socialist cities were prevented from poll watching while the votes were being counted.  As Soviet Communist Dictator Josef Stalin once said, it does not matter who voted.  What matters is who counts the votes.  If Biden is declared the winner, he will be seen as illegitimate by 73 million Trump voters, basically half of America.  We will do everything we can to end Biden's Presidency before it even starts by legal challenges and a Republican Senate that will pronounce his Socialist schemes dead on arrival.  Further, if La La Land California were taken out of the equation, Trump also won the popular vote, which makes the result we are seeing even more suspicious. 

None of this adds up.  Trump will NEVER concede.  He may leave the White House before the inauguration of Joe Biden; but the battle will continue.  This election won't be over at all.  Trump will establish a Political Action Committee to focus on removing Socialists from office in 2022 taking back the House and retaining the Senate. Trump will then set the stage for another run in 2024.  Biden Harris will make such a mess of things; guaranteed that when Harris runs in 2024, which is likely, the people will want Trump back overwhelmingly.  Trump won in 2020.   If Biden does take over the Presidency, it will be the result of Voter Fraud that is obvious. 

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