Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Trump Presidency - The Glass Is Half Full

If President Trump is pushed out of office as a result of voter fraud, 73 million Americans that voted for Trump need to see the glass half full not half empty.  Trump's accomplishments in just four years are remarkable.  He reshaped the Republican Party so that they are positioned to actually win elections using the MAGA agenda as their platform.  We saw this happen big time in 2020 as Republicans picked up 12 or more House Seats, most likely will retain the Senate (God Willing) through the run off election on January 5 in Georgia, gained two more state legislatures to add to the 26 Republicans already control and picked up a Republican Governor.  In all ways, the 2020 election was a Red Wave and repudiation of the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform.   There is no way that an Illegitimate President Joe Biden can claim a mandate because it did not happen.  Biden's lead in the popular vote all came out of La La Land, California.  Without it, Trump probably won the popular vote. 

Next, Judges, Judges, Judges.   In addition to three Supreme Court Justices and more than 250 federal judges Trump put on the court, all vetted by the Federalist Society, Trump has reshaped the courts with Conservatives that will be there for decades to come.  This will become critical as Republican State Attorney Generals challenge any crazy Socialist Schemes Biden tries to put into law as unconstitutional. 

Trump has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes, which he surely deserves for his work making peace in the Middle East.  Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel are a big deal that no President would dare to reverse.  Getting Arab countries to recognize Israel in coalition against Iran is really incredible.  Let's see if Biden does better.  I hope so.

Trump is the first President to actually take on China, which is why they supported Biden for President.  China owns Biden.  However, now that Trump has achieved some success, Biden will be measured against Trump's accomplishments.  Biden will have to do better related to the trade deal with China and he will be dealing with the hard stuff.  The big issue is stopping intellectual property theft, which China does daily and the dumping of cheap goods into the US, which results in our factories being closed and job losses. 

Trump succeeded in destroying ISIS and taking out high profile Terrorists.  Let's not forget that Biden was against Obama killing Osama Bin Laden.  Even Crooked Hillary had more balls than Biden when she was Secretary of State supporting Obama's actions.   So when Biden lifts that ban on travel from Muslim countries that harbor Terrorists and some sneak into our country, which is inevitable, we are likely to see murders committed by Islamic Fascist Terrorists in the US as occurs in Britain, France, Germany and other countries.  When that happens, Biden will be compared to Trump who kept America safe. 

Trump succeeded in building 400 miles of border wall to secure our border.  Biden won't tear any of it down; but he has said not one more foot.  Biden will open our border to illegal aliens and they will flood in overwhelming our social welfare systems.  The American people will quickly see the chaos that will come from opening our border; crime, drugs, sex trafficking etc.  Biden will be blamed.

Biden will support the Cancel Culture and the Defund the Police movement though by perhaps another name that most Americans oppose.  Crime will go up.  While Trump will be known as the Law and Order President, Biden will quickly be seen as weak on crime.  We will see more chaos in our cities with assaults, rioting, looting and arson committed by Antifa and BLM.  Biden will do little to stop it while at the same time he supports Sanctuary Cities harboring criminal illegal aliens.  Biden is boxed in by the left.  He can't forcefully deal with these issues.   

Trump got NATO Allies to finally start paying their fair share.  Biden will let up on this requirement as countries in Europe go back to their old ways.  And, Trump put in place great trade deals to bring jobs back to the US.  Biden will probably re-enter the TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the deal with Asian countries that will kill American jobs.  Biden will then be compared to Trump who put America First.  This will all make Biden look like a sap.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord because it was not in the interest of the United States.  On day one, Biden will re-enter the Paris Climate Accord.  The end result will be killing energy jobs in the US, higher cost for energy and a lower standard of living for all Americans.  Trump left office with the United States being energy independent for the first time in 75 years.  Biden's actions will lead to the bad old days when we were dependent on other countries for our energy. 

Trump cut taxes and regulations and we saw the end result.  The strongest economy in American history.  If the Republicans lose the Senate, Biden will raise taxes Trillions of dollars.   Millions of jobs will be lost.  The stock market will fall.  Economic growth will die.  Biden will be blamed. 

All of this positions the Republicans to gain control of Congress in 2022They only need a few more House seats to get there.  And, Trump will never stop running for reelection.   He will announce that he is a candidate for 2024.  Highly doubtful that any other Republican will challenge him given the 73 million votes that he got in 2020.  Suspect he will bring a woman on as Vice President; maybe Nikki Haley who is highly qualified.  He then can appoint Mike Pence to be Secretary of State or some other position. 

So we all need to see the glass as half full.  Biden Harris and the Socialists will screw things up so badly that the American people will beg for Trump to come back into office.  They will accept Trump's personality quirks to get effective government again.  I really believe God has a plan.   If Trump does have to step aside for now, it will be just in time to appoint more Supreme Court Justices four years from now.  So hang on to your hats.  Four years goes by pretty quick.  And by the way, Trump will be running against Kamela Harris.  Biden will be gone sooner than later as a result of his dementia. 

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