Tuesday, November 17, 2020


The election of 2020 finally put the nail in the coffin of RINOS, Republicans In Name Only, Never Trumpers who needed to die a timely political death.  These are the losers who consistently lost elections.  They are the free traders that sat back and watched 70,000 factories in the US close while manufacturing jobs were shipped to China, Mexico and other countries to benefit their Big Business supporters.  They are the supporters of the military industrial complex that got us into years of foreign wars.  These are the so called Republicans in bed with Big Business, all of which have been feeding at the trough for decades at the expense of Small Business and the American people. 

President Trump got 73 million votes by putting together a broad coalition of working people, small businesses, pro life people of faith, those that support a secure border and law enforcement, lower taxes and less regulations, fair trade deals to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, ending foreign wars, making our allies pay their fair share, supporting School Choice to attract people of color who badly need options to get their kids out of failing inner city public schools and energy independence.  The MAGA Agenda is the future of the Republican Party.  

The result was astounding.  Republicans gained 12 or more seats in the House, hopefully will retain the Senate after the run off election in Georgia on January 5, gained two more state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and added one Governor.  2020 was a Red Wave; though the election may be stolen from President Trump.  Given all of these gains, Trump's loss just does not pass the smell test.  Voter Fraud is obvious.

RINOS like the Lincoln Project were completely repudiated.  They actively raised millions of dollars to support Socialists all of whom lost.  The only place for RINOS is on Fake News as lackeys when ever they want to drag out so called Republicans.   But since they have no credibility as losers, 96% of real Republicans that support Trump and the MAGA Agenda pay no attention.  Long Live MAGA.  RINOS are Dead -THANKFULLY FOREVER.   

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