Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Biden's First Days in Office - Bad News

If Biden is elected by voter fraud, he has already indicated the things he would do by Executive Order in his first days in office and they are all bad news for our country.  First, he will have the United States reenter the Paris Climate Accord.  That quasi treaty that was never ratified by the Senate, as required by law would impose strict emission standards on the United States that would raise the cost of energy for all Americans and lower our standard of living.  Further, while we would have to live by these standards, China and India, the worst polluters in the world are given decades to continue their pollution putting our industries at a competitive disadvantage killing millions of jobs.  And finally, the United States would be required to pay third world countries billions of dollars each year to allow them to adjust to the new emission standards.   The Paris Climate Accord is really a global redistribution of income socialist scheme. 

Next, Biden would end the ban on Muslims coming into the US that Trump imposed from countries known to harbor Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  Since it is very difficult to verify who these people are very likely Terrorists would be allowed to sneak into our country.  We can see the end result in countries like France, Germany and Britain that experience murders on their streets committed by these Terrorists.

Biden plans to end enforcement of the Mexico City Policy that prohibits any US Tax Dollars from going to non government organizations (NGO's) that fund abortions overseas.  This is a policy put in place by President Reagan that every Republican President implements and every Socialist President rescinds in the name of reproductive rights on a global basis.   It is bad enough that we have had 70 million abortions in the US since Roe V Wade, Socialists are determined to kill babies overseas too. 

Biden will rejoin the World Health Organization that Trump pulled out of because they colluded with China to hide the China Covid Virus. That means giving the WHO about $500 million hard earned tax payer dollars each year.  This is an organization controlled by China that gives them about 10% of what we contribute each year. 

Finally, Biden would give DACA kids, who are mostly adults now, illegal aliens brought across the border by their parents when they were children permanent legal status.  Eventually, this will lead to their parents being given permanent legal status too under chain migration laws.  Obama put this in place even though he said then he did not have the Constitutional authority to do so. There are about 800,000 of them.  Dealing with DACA should be part of immigration reform to properly deal with the estimated 11 million illegal aliens in our country.  And, we can forget about the border wall.  Though I doubt Biden would tear down the 400 miles of wall already completed by Trump, it is highly doubtful that he will finish the wall because Socialists support open borders and the Catch and Release Plan that Trump has stopped.  All those illegal aliens waiting for their day in court so to speak in Mexico to determine if legal asylum in the US is warranted will no doubt be allowed into our country as Biden resumes Catch and Release.  You can bet on it if Biden becomes President.

This is just the beginning.  Unless Republicans retain the Senate, which will be determined by the run off election in Georgia on January 5, the radicals in the Socialist Party will demand that Biden make good on the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform that will make the United States a socialist country.   We just can't let that happen.   Resist, Resist, Resist.  Peaceful Protests in the streets in every city in our  country.  Get those Don't Thread on Me Yellow flags with the coiled snake ready for the battles that are coming.  And now, we must immediately focus on 2022 for Republicans to take back the House and retain and grow the Senate Majority to stop Biden Harris before they even get started.  We must also elect Republican state Attorney Generals because they can use the courts to help stop Socialist Schemes that are unconstitutional. 


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