Monday, November 16, 2020

The Green New Deal - Higher Energy Cost, Lower Standard of Living and Jobs Destroyed

Should Joe Biden be elected President and without a Republican Senate to restrain him, the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform requires implementation of the Green New Deal, which absolutely will lead to higher energy costs, a lower standard of living for all Americans and millions of jobs lost.  Let me tell you why.

The solar panels and wind turbines that are part of Biden's clean energy plan are made in China, Germany and other countries.  American companies could not compete so those jobs all ended up overseas.   Jobs in our current energy industry in oil, natural gas, nuclear and coal cannot be off shored.  Those are high paying jobs that would disappear as we move away from being energy independent to being dependent on other countries for our energy.  As it is, powering New York City alone would require covering the whole state of Connecticut with solar panels.  The technology is just not there yet to cost effectively power a modern first world economy using renewable energy alone.  Nuclear power would be very feasible, except it is almost impossible to get nuclear power plants approved.  New nuclear plants have not been built in years.  The Green New Deal will kill 5 million jobs in the US that will not be replaced. 

Green energy is not cheap energy.  Just look at La La Land, California.  They are implementing the Green New Deal now.  It has led to gasoline prices that are double the rest of the country, very high electricity prices and black outs.  California has about 40 million people depending on how illegal aliens are counted.  So, it a big enough example to make generalizations as to what would happen in the rest of the country if Biden's Green New Deal was implemented nationwide.  It would be a disaster for our country.  Since Americans would have to spend more on energy, they would have less disposable income to buy other things, take vacations etc.  Hence, all Americans would experience a lower standard of living. 

And, the Green New Deal would hurt the poor most who no doubt would require all kinds of subsidies to afford energy to heat and power their apartments and homes.  Of course, Socialists have no problem with more government hand out's to keep the poor and working poor tied to them as voters so they would take from the Makers in our society and give to the Takers.   Nothing new on that score. 

Finally, Biden plans to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord as part of his New Green Deal Socialist Scheme.  While our country would be required to meet strict emission standards, China and India, the largest polluters in the world would have decades to comply placing our industries at a severe disadvantage killing millions of job as more factories close.  Finally, the Paris Climate Accord is a gigantic Socialist scheme to redistribute wealth from first world countries, mostly the US to third world countries.  Biden would transfer American taxpayer dollars to third world countries to help them deal with higher energy costs.  This means less money to support the poor and senior citizens in the US.  All of this is as dumb as it gets.  We all better hope Republicans retain control of the Senate on January 5 with the Special Election for two senate seats in Georgia.  Otherwise, the Socialists will push through their Green New Deal as part of their agenda to destroy our carbon energy industry. 

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