Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Grinch That Stole Thanksgiving & Christmas

With Covid spiking all over the country, Socialist Gestapo Governors are ordering  families to cancel, or limit Thanksgiving gatherings.  No doubt, Christmas will be next.   So, we see mandates all the way from no more than 6 people, to no more than one family, to no gatherings at all etc.   Really!  What can they possibly do to enforce these Gestapo orders. When government over reaches, people will simply ignore the orders.

Families are going to do what they are going to do.  I suspect that it is safer being with people you know in your own home than being with people you don't know at Wal Mart or Costco.  Yes, confining gathering to a smaller number of people probably lessens the odds of having someone enter your home that may have been exposed to Covid, but it can't be any worse than shopping for the turkey at the store. 

More importantly, we are seeing the urges of totalitarian government and it is pretty scary.  The fact is government cannot regulate what we do in our own homes.  That is a line that cannot be crossed.  Next, government will ask neighbors and relatives to act as snitches turning in violators for punishment.  This is what occurred in NAZI Germany and Communist countries.  So don't you dare buy a 25 pound turkey because that could indicate more than 6 people at your home.  You could suddenly get a knock on your door late at night. 

The American people are fed up with lock downs and schools being closed.  These Gestapos are destroying the fabric of our society.  Covid is serious; but the reality is that 99% of people that get it either have no symptoms, have mild symptoms, or have flu like symptoms.  A small percentage end up in hospitals requiring treatment and an even smaller percentage usually over 65 years old with other serious illnesses end up dying.  While every death is tragic.  We all can't stop living because a small number of people are dying.  If that was the case, no one would drive cars, or fly on airplanes where accidents happen and people die.

We must guard our freedoms jealously.  We can't allow government to dictate our way of life and still be a free society.  So casinos can open but not churches.  Private schools are open; but not public schools.  Riots and Looting are permitted, but not peaceful rallies and protests.  It is time for the American people to Just Say No to the Gestapo Grinch that stole Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We can't let it happen!  Families need this quality time together. 






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