Sunday, November 22, 2020

RINOS Are Losers

There are RINOS, Republicans in Name Only, calling on President Trump to concede the election to Joe Biden.  HELL NO! Trump won in 16 because he is a street fighter.  It takes a street fighter to beat the Socialists.   Establishment Republicans typically lose elections.  Bush 1, Dole, McCain and Romney were all losers because they were not tough enough to win.  Republicans tried the officers and the gentlemen and always lost.  No More!

Trump should mount a legal battle all the way up to the Supreme Court to fight for his Presidency.  Politics is all out war without the guns.  Winners have to be tough as nails with fire in their bellies. They can't be weak kneed nice guys.  In politics, nice guys always finish last. 

In addition, the Republican Party is now the Trump Republican Party.  2020 was a Red Wave with Trump getting 73 million votes, the most ever for any sitting President. Trump increased his vote by 10 million over 2016.  Obama actually got 4 million less votes when he ran for reelection.  Republicans picked up 12 or more House seats, 2 state legislatures adding to the 26 they already have and one Governor.  Trump losing does not pass the smell test given these wins.  If Trump loses, it is clear that voter fraud absolutely took place.

RINOS were soundly repudiated.  The Lincoln Project RINO Losers that spent millions trying to defeat Republican Senators and the President, lost in every case.   96% of Republicans supported Trump.  He doubled his Black and Hispanic vote.  Trump has grown the Republican party like never before.  It is time for RINOS to shut the hell up.  They are not welcome in the Republican Party any more. 

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