Monday, November 30, 2020

Political Correctness & Cancel Culture Destroying America

 Until the 1960's America operated on the Melting Pot concept, that is E Pluribus Unum; from many one.  The idea was that immigrants came from all over the world and attended our public schools that made them into Americans with English as our common language.  We were not hyphen Americans, we were all just Americans of many origins.  Since our founding as a nation, this was the basis for forging a great country; the greatest in human history.   While we faced the divide of the Civil War over economics and slavery, though it was bloody, we got through it to resume the process of one nation under God. 

Identity politics designed to divide our nation began in the 1960's on our university campuses turned radical by the Vietnam War, which coincided with the legitimate Civil Rights movement.  All of a sudden, when I was a young teacher in the inner city of Los Angeles, we began talking about the Salad Bowl, which was designed to replace the Melting Pot.  Oh what a mistake we all made.  The Salad Bowl preached that we were all separate and distinct.  We were no longer all Americans, we now had to be hyphenated Americans; so Mexican American, African American, Asian American, Native Americans along with the Women's Movement and then came the LGBT Movement followed by the LGBTQUIA Movement.  So, we now we have museums and more on the way to honor each of these groups rather than recognize that all of these groups are part of the great American story.  

Along the way, White Men and Boys were all deemed to be racist and evil.  We were not included in these movements because all of them declared the White Man to be the oppressor whether true or not.  Going further, we now have the Cancel Culture, which is designed to destroy our history and in the process destroy our country.  The Cancel Culture is really out to destroy the history of Western Civilization because for the most part it is predicated on White Men's great accomplishments.  The end result to all of this is that America has never been more divided since the Civil War.   This is all in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals book designed to turn the United States into a Communist Country.  Alinsky preached the destruction of the family and the segmentation of society to pit groups against each other to foment chaos and hatred.  The Antifa and BLM Communist Thugs looting, rioting and burning down our cities comes right out of the Alinsky Playbook.  

If we are to save our country for the benefit of all of our children and grandchildren, we must get back to the Melting Pot concept.  It is perfectly fine to be proud of our origins.  As an American of Italian decent, I am certainly proud of the many great Italians that have made world history in art, music, literature, science, exploration, great food etc, but I am an American not a hyphen American.  And, though I grew up understanding and speaking Italian because my grandparents never spoke English,  it would have been inconceivable that English was not my first language.  And so, it must be for all Americans.  

 We must stop the Political Correctness and Cancel Culture that are destroying America.  People should be recognized for their talents, intelligence and education not because they are a particular race or gender.  The best and brightest in our society will always rise to the top with hard work, focus, passion and discipline regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.  We do no one any good by telling them that they are victims because it just provides them an excuse for personal failure.  The American Dream is still attainable for those that pursue it with hard work. 

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