Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Israel Will Strike Iran Soon

With the presumed election of Joe Biden,  Israel will be forced to strike Iran soon to take out their nuclear capability.  They will have no other choice.  As long as Trump was President, Israeli's knew they had a friend in the White House that would safeguard Israel's national security and ultimately stop Iran from having nuclear weapons.  Given Biden's appointments, many cronies from the Obama administration and other longtime enemies of Israel will be in office.  As such, the Israeli's know that they can't count on Joe Biden to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.  Matter of fact, Joe Biden is likely to go back to the flawed nuclear arms deal negotiated by brie eating, kept man John Kerry, now Biden's Climate Envoy, which will guarantee that Iran has nuclear weapons in a few years and the missiles to deliver them.

Since Israel's survival is at stake, they can't allow that to happen.  No doubt, Mossad was involved in taking out Iran's lead nuclear scientist, which may slow them down a big; but it will not stop the Ayatollah's from doing everything they can to obtain nuclear weapons.   Israel is wisely forming alliances with Sunni Arab countries to take on Iran.  Really all that is needed is fly over rights and maybe refueling capabilities.  This might be the reason for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent "secret" meeting with the Saudi's.  Israel knows that with Biden's cabal in office, Israel cannot rely on the United States and certainly not Europe to guarantee their national security.  They will have to act alone and or in conjunction with Sunni Arab countries, which could include the use of tactical nuclear weapons to destroy hardened sites.  

Joe Biden will screw this up because the left wing of the Socialist Party is very anti Israel.  AOC's squad includes radical Muslim members of Congress that are openly Anti-Semitic.  They hate Israel and express their hatred without any reservation, or condemnation from others in the Socialist Party.  As such, they will demand that Biden reenter the flawed nuclear arms agreement with Iran without conditions.  Doing so will give Iran the money and the green light to develop nuclear weapons.  That green light will force Israel to strike and sooner than later.  

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