Saturday, December 26, 2020

Two World Wars Did Not End Tyranny

In looking back at two World Wars, it is very clear that neither ended tyranny and in fact in many way made things even worse than before these wars were fought.  Millions died in World War I and II, including the Holocaust.  Americans have been told for decades that their relatives died to preserve freedom.  But history says otherwise.   World War War I was originally known as the Great War to end all Wars.  Obviously, it did not work out that way.  In fact, very bad decisions by world leaders put the pieces in place that led directly to World War II.

The Czar in Russia was deposed and his family murdered, which led to the brutal Communist Soviet Union.   The Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires ended after World War I, which led to the artificial redrawing of the map of Europe and the Middle East by victorious Western leaders, which when combined with punitive measures against Germany for presumably starting World War I led to Adolf Hitler.   Since Japan sided with the Allies in Europe, they were given a free hand in Asia as they too turned to Fascism and war in Asia as early as 1931.  The League of Nations proposed by President Woodrow Wilson, which the United States never joined was a complete failure related to maintaining world peace.  The United Nations, which came later has not been much better at maintaining peace.

And, then came World War II in many ways to deal with the perceived injustices coming out of World War I.   Clearly Fascist Germany and Japan had to be defeated to prevent their hegemony over Europe and Asia; but the cost was huge in blood and resources to get it done.  And, the aftermath was even more tyranny.  Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt had to make a deal with the devil, the brutal Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union Josef Stalin, who murdered millions in his own country before defeating Germany.   The United States supplied the Soviet Union with the tanks, planes and guns necessary to their success; but they supplied the men that rolled into Berlin.  

It is possible that the Allies could have defeated Germany without Soviet assistance; but it probably would have taken a lot longer with even more Allied lives lost.  The price for Soviet involvement in the war was domination over Eastern Europe.  Those countries got rid of the German Fascist oppressors at the conclusion of the war only to have the Soviet Communist oppressors for decades.  The irony is that Britain and France declared war on Germany because the Germans had invaded Poland.   While most of the murders may have stopped when the Communists took over Poland, the tyranny never ended until the fall of the Soviet Union.  And, we experienced the Cold War for decades spending trillions of dollars on our military in both offensive and defensive weapons.  So in essence, the war really never ended.  

In Asia, Fascist Japan was defeated; but by 1949, the Communists took over mainland China ultimately murdering millions in the process and spreading their brutal ideology to North Korea, Viet Nam and Cambodia.  The end result were the bloody wars in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.  So while Japan was defeated, tyranny still prevailed as practiced by a different master. 

Finally, the artificial boundaries established in the Middle East related to various countries coming out of both World Wars set the stage for years of sectarian religious wars.  We may finally see a glimmer of hope in the Middle East with some of the peace initiatives achieved by the Trump Administration, however if Joe Biden goes back to the old stupid ways, which seems likely given his cabinet choices, the bad old days will be back and very soon.  

One last thing.  World War II was fought to stop German hegemony over Europe.  Ironically, with the development of the European Union, a unified Germany now controls most of Eastern and Western Europe by virtue of their common monetary system.   What the Germans could not achieve by brutal war, they got by manipulative economics and the rest of Europe just let it happen.

So what does this all mean.   The global ruling class in the Deep State has done a very poor job in the last 100 years both preventing wars and solving world problems.  They have been wrong time and again.  Very often they have made things worse in their attempt at artificial nation building.  The United States has attempted to impose its political and economic system around the world many times without much success.  Donald Trump is pragmatic if nothing else.  Those globalists running things in the Deep State for years who clearly failed time and again resented Trump's real accomplishments.   As such, they did everything possible to destroy Trump's Presidency from the first day, finally including using voter fraud to remove Trump from office.  Very sad for all of us and the world!  Given the history of the people in power, it is doubtful that we will see world peace any time soon because they often fail to see the forest for the trees.  

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