Sunday, December 20, 2020

Climate Change and Stupid People

Global climate has been changing for millions of years.  We have had both very hot and cold cycles before there was any impact from carbon energy or human beings.  The scientists tell us now that in the next hundred years, we will see climatic change that may raise the temperature of the earth by a few degrees.  Some predict that this will have a catastrophic impact on the world; including rising sea levels and altering our very way of life.  All of this remains to be seen.  But even assuming it is all true, do we really need to impose the job killing Green New Deal on our country.  I just don't think so.  

The United States in energy independent for the first time in decades. In fact, we have become an energy exporter.  It is estimated that 10 million good paying jobs in the US tie to the carbon energy industry one way or another.  And, those are jobs that cannot be off-shored.  And, while I have no problem with developing clean energy, the technology is just not there today to power a modern first world economy. Where is the electricity going to come from to power all of those electric cars.  Presumed President Joe Biden has said that he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord his first day in office, which is about as stupid as it gets.  This treaty, which really needs to be ratified by the Senate and should be challenged in court if Biden moves forward because it cannot be done by the President alone would impose job killing restrictions on the US that would not be applicable to China and India for decades.  This would put American manufacturers at a severe disadvantage, which will mean more jobs being shipped to China and other countries where pollution continues unchecked.  Those solar panels after all are made in China.  The wind turbines are also made in China, Germany and other countries.  So how does that benefit American workers.  

Since Biden is an America Last kind of guy compromised by his family's crooked deals with China, perhaps that is his intention as a pay back to China.  The state Attorney Generals in carbon energy producing states must sue to stop Biden from imposing the Paris Climate Accord and the Green New Deal on our country under the premise that it is unconstitutional.  The Paris Climate Accord is a foreign treaty requiring a two thirds vote for passage in the Senate, which will never happen.  Given the impact on our country, this deal must go to the Supreme Court for judgement.  Hopefully, though no guarantees given recent rulings on the election stolen from Trump, sanity will prevail.  

Further, this whole Global Warming Scheme advanced by Socialists around the world is really nothing more than a gigantic global redistribution of income Socialist scheme to transfer billions of dollars and Euros from first world countries to third world countries.   It would require the US to borrow money adding to our national debt to send American taxpayer dollars to other countries when we have serious needs in our country related to programs like Social Security and Medicare.  It is another America Last stupid deal put in place by the Socialists in our country that must be stopped at all costs.   Trump had it right when he pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.  

We need to have an all of the above energy strategy that takes advantage of our abundant oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power and renewables.  We need to make all energy sources safer, cleaner and cheaper not only to benefit the people of the United States in terms of our standard of living, but of the whole world.  Everybody wants clean air and water.  In fact, the United States already meets very high carbon emission standards.  We don't need to do more especially if countries like China and India are exempt.  It is time to tell stupid people in our country to cool it.  We all just need to say HELL NO!

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