Sunday, December 13, 2020

Joe Biden and China - America Last

When President Richard Nixon went to China in 1972, it was thought to be a brilliant move to finally end hostilities with the Communist Nation.  After all, we dealt with the Communist Soviet Union throughout the Cold War so why not China.  Democrats were thrilled because they have always admired Socialism.    Republicans, in the pocket of their global big business supporters welcomed the overture to open China, as well, so Western companies could do business within China.  After all, China had a billion people and Western companies salivated at the thought of selling goods and services to all of them.  

The fact that China was a very poor country with no consumer buying power did not matter.  The Communist government was the customer for lots of big ticket items as they built up their economy, military and infrastructure.  To their credit,  China plays the long game.  The Chinese were very smart in the way they played Western and other Asian companies requiring them to turn over technology as a condition for doing business in China.  Since Western publicly traded companies live and die by quarterly results and their senior managers are bonused on those results, they could care less about 10 years down the road.  

Fast forward many years later so that today, China competes with those very same Western and Asian companies producing pharmaceuticals, trains, airplanes, earth movers, electronics, steel, aluminum, cars, minerals, solar equipment and a million other products subsidized by the Chinese government using currency manipulation to charge lower prices to drive competitors out of business.   The technology that was not handed to the Chinese was stolen from Western and Asian companies and governments by Intellectual Property Theft. Isn't it interesting that a lot of Chinese military equipment has a striking resemblance to Western military equipment.  The end result in the United States was 70,000 factories closed and 5 million manufacturing jobs lost.  Trade with China, along with millions of illegal aliens in the United States has resulted in hollowing out the Middle Class in the US.  Cheap labor in China, Mexico and other countries is as responsible for income equality in the US as anything else.  Donald Trump spoke right to this issue, which is why he was elected in 2016 and won the 2020 election that has apparently been stolen from him by voter fraud.  

While the Chinese were very smart, Western politicians of both parties and business leaders have been pretty dumb until Donald Trump.   While the Socialists, Fake News and RINOS focused on Russia, Russia, Russia as our enemy, Trump proclaimed America First pushing back on China, which is why the Chinese actively supported Joe Biden for President.  Playing the long game, Trump clearly understands that China is the biggest Economic and Military Threat to the United States, not Russia.  Russia is a country with 150 million people and an economy the size of France.   While they have Nukes, they cannot realistically challenge the United States on the world stage.  With the exception of oil and gas, military equipment, vodka, caviar and little painted matryoshka dolls, they produce little that that the rest of the world needs, or wants to buy.  

China is our big problem.  Though Biden is not alone in his surrender to China over the years, Biden is particularly compromised because his family has taken monies from China that has made them millionaires.   As a result, Joe Biden, as the Manchurian President will be China's Butt Boy.   There is no way Joe Biden can protect the interests of the United States given the Pay to Play scheme that his family implemented with China that has made them millionaires.   China owns Joe Biden.  It is the reason that Biden will be another American President that puts America Last.        

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