Monday, December 7, 2020

Election Integrity - Our Democracy Is At Stake

 Whatever happens with the Trump - Biden election, the chaos we have seen in many of these states that sent out millions of unsolicited ballots must never happen again.  The potential for voter fraud and there absolutely was fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, which may result in the election being stolen from Trump must never happen again if we are to insure Election Integrity and safeguard our Democracy.  74 million Trump voters, basically half the country see Joe Biden as illegitimate.  That is not good for our country.   

We cannot have banana republic elections if we are to remain a viable democracy.  As a result, we must insure that every legal vote is counted and that there is no potential for fraud.  That means no more mailing out unsolicited ballots that can easily be stolen.  And, voter machines and software must be subject to forensic audits.  We need a paper trail on all votes and signatures.  We should maintain the process of Absentee Ballots requested by people that cannot come to the polls for medical or other valid reasons as the only mail in ballots allowed.   

Otherwise, election day means election day when people show up at the polls to vote with a valid picture ID.   And, no more 40% machine match on signatures as occurred in Nevada.   That is like no match at all.  And, we must insure that illegal aliens are not voting.  Only citizens of the United States who are legal residents of a particular state for at least 90 days should be permitted to vote; otherwise they can vote Absentee in their prior state of residence.  

People should be required to register to vote no less than 30 days before election day so that we know we have valid registered voters who are American citizens.  So no provisional voting the day of the election for people who are not registered to vote.   The Socialists have pushed to violate all of these rules making a mockery of our elections.  They have no problem with voter fraud because it is them committing the fraud.  We can't allow this to continue because it will result in civil strife. 

Elections are serious business.  There have to be rules that are followed.   We cannot have Governors and or Secretaries of State changing those rules a few weeks before an election for any reason.  We voted during major wars, Depressions etc.  just fine.   There was no reason to change the rules just because of Covid.  The regular Absentee Ballot process could have worked with no problem for anybody at risk who could have requested a ballot.  Most important, all signatures must be verified and there must be poll watchers to make sure that there are no shenanigans.  

There definitely are grounds to throw out the elections in Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia if the Supreme Court recognizes the obvious fraud.  If that happens, state legislatures would choose Electors going to the Electoral College as prescribed by law in the Constitution.  If so, Trump will be reelected because he absolutely won this election.   If it does not happen, Joe Biden will never be accepted as President by half the country.  Both Socialists and Republicans should be concerned about the integrity of our elections; but don't count on the Socialists taking necessary actions to deal with these issues because they have no problem winning by cheating and fraud.  

For Socialists, it is always the means that justified the ends.   Remember, it was Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin who said, "it does not matter who votes, it is who counts the votes that matters."  We saw this adage in action in 2020.  

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