Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Cancel Culture - Nothing But Lies and Communist Propaganda

According to the Socialists and Communists in the United States, American History and Western Civilization are evil.  They started by tearing down statues of Confederate Generals as defenders of slavery.  But now, they even attack Abraham Lincoln who actually ended slavery.  They condemn our Founding Fathers because some of them like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and others owned slaves.  Forget about the fact that with our Constitution, they created the greatest nation in world history.  These Socialists and Communists deny the greatness of American History and Western Civilization because many White Men and Women made a huge difference in world advancement and development in government, art, literature, music, architecture, science, economics, exploration, religion etc.  Not to diminish the contributions of many others that were not White, but facts are facts.  It happened.  

The Cancel Culture is attempting to erase world history that does not suit them because it does not conform to their racist, Communist ideology.  To be sure, there are many sad tales in modern world history.  Religious Wars, Slavery in many places, the Holocaust, Pogroms in Russia, Millions killed in Communist and Fascist countries, damage to native peoples from colonization.  Those of us that actually know and have studied history are not afraid to tell it all.   We are not history deniers as is the case with the Cancel Culture.  We can deal with the great, good, bad and ugly in American and World history.   We certainly can acknowledge injustices; but in relation to the bigger picture that ultimately addressed many of those injustices and still contributed to the good of all.    

Capitalism with all its boom and bust cycles and adjustments to change has created more wealth and a higher standard of living for more people than any other economic system in human history.  Some of the excesses of Capitalism have been addressed in most social democracies through a variety of laws and programs.  Socialism and Communism have always led to poverty, misery and even murder.  It is not like these tyrannical and brutal economic experiments have not been tried for decades.  We have seen the vicious end result in the old Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba etc.  This is a large enough sampling and for enough time to know that the failed ideologies of Socialism and Communism have never led to prosperity.  So those in the Cancel Culture calling for these failed systems just don't know history, or they don't care about the truth.  But then everything they do and say is based on lies and propaganda.  So no surprise! 

We must stop the evil and purposeful indoctrination happening in our public schools and most colleges and universities.  Teachers are teaching Cancel Culture rather than actually educating our children.  The 1619 Project is starting to make its way into our educational system, Fake News, government and big businesses.  It declares that the United States was founded to perpetuate slavery as its basis for being.  They are attempting to shame people for just being White.  If you see this happening anywhere, raise holy hell and demand that it be stopped! Ignore our Bill of Rights.  Forget about the fact that a bloody Civil War was ultimately fought to end slavery.  Patriotic Americans must stand up and say Hell No to the Cancel Culture.  These evil Communists and Socialists, including Antifa, BLM and many other left wing organizations often funded by billionaires actually want to destroy our nation.   We just can't let that happen.  We must fight this war daily on all fronts to the bitter end to save our country and Make America Great Again.   

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