Wednesday, December 9, 2020

White Privilege - Identity Politics Gone Crazy

 School Districts, Government Agencies, the Military and even some big companies are requiring that their employees be trained, or indoctrinated related to evils of "White Privilege" that does not exist.   It is part of the Cancel Culture. It is true that there are very rich people in the United States of all colors who are privileged; but their privilege comes from economics not skin color. They don't wait in line at airports because they fly private jets.   They often have chauffeurs driving them to their destinations.  They usually live in gated enclaves to protect them from the little people.  

Let's talk facts.  There are more White People on welfare and food stamps than minorities in real numbers.  Are they privileged?  The millions of White immigrants who came from Europe speaking no English, like my Italian grandparents, had nothing when they came.  Were they privileged?  There are millions of White Americans that have blue collar jobs like my parents who struggled for years just to put food on the table.  Were they privileged?  What about the poor Whites that live in cities and rural areas and there are many.  Are they privileged?  It has been reported that 50% of Americans of all colors do not have $1,000 in savings to deal with a family emergency.   Are they privileged?

There are millions of Americans of all colors including many Whites living pay check to pay check.  And, while there is income inequality in our country, (another blog posting) it is caused by lack of education and marketable job skills along with many children living without a dad in the home, which usually leads to poverty.  Yes, there may be discrimination; but someone with a great education and job skills can overcome it.  I can guarantee you that a plumber, electrician or master carpenter no matter what their color is doing just fine.  The notion of White Privilege is bogus.  It is another of those crazy Identity Politics ideas designed to divide and ultimately destroy our nation.  

Martin Luther King said, "we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin".  He was absolutely right.   We have to stop seeing everything in racial terms because it ends up being an excuse for mediocrity and or failure.   We must emphasize personal responsibility and hard work as the key to success not victimization.  Is life tougher for some people than others; sure.  But then some people are smarter than others and or have talents that others don't have; again nothing to do with race.   Success in life is about Focus, Discipline, Passion and Hard Work.  Anyone who practices those qualities can over come anything.     

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