Friday, December 4, 2020

Failing CNN Is For Sale - Trump Should Be The Buyer

 CNN's owner, AT&T allowed the clowns on CNN to implement 7/24 Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred for the last 4 years and the result was predicable.  Very low ratings because Trump is really popular.  Surely, the 74 million Americans that voted for Trump tuned out as I did long ago.   We could not even go to CNN for legitimate national or world news because they rarely broadcasted it.  As such, since their viewers went away, so did their ad revenues.   CNN is now a failing company and AT&T, their owner is responsible.  AT&T Management should have stepped in; but perhaps their hatred of Trump was so strong that they too ignored the interests of their shareholders.  Given AT&T's $150 billion in unstainable debt, it would seem that heads there also need to roll; but that is another blog posting.  AT&T needs cash and since CNN is a loser, it is on the chopping block no matter what they say.  

Buying CNN would be a classic Trump deal.   Their value is in the toilet because of poor ratings and ad revenues.  It would be easy for Trump to be the turn around artist.  All he has to do is FIRE the clowns at CNN with poor ratings; over paid Cuomo, Lemon, Tapper, Blitzer, Cooper, Stelter  and several others and bring over the stars from Fox that made that network successful.  Since Fox is moving to the left under the management of Rupert's son, Lathan Murdock,  Fox will soon lose many of its conservative viewers.  It is already happening as those viewers are moving to NewsNation.  Trump would be a hero to the investors he puts together to buy CNN because he could turn it into TNN, the Truth New Network and make it hugely successful.  Of course, it would quickly be nick named the Trump News Network, which is funny.  

Trump could put one of his sons or daughter in charge.  Don Jr is probably too much like his father.  So Eric or Ivanka would be perfect.  Don Jr. and Donald senior could then focus on their MAGA PAC to take back the Congress in 22 and position one of them to run for President in 24; probably Dad if he is healthy.  There is no doubt in my mind that if Trump wants that nomination with 74 million loyal supporters that love Trump, no other Republican would dare to challenge him.  The Republican establishment will all have to fall in line, or risk the rathe of Trump and that would not be pretty.  

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