Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Battle to Save America

 Illegitimate Fake President Joe Biden is irrelevant.  Biden will be gone within 12 months of assuming office.  He will either be forced to resign for obvious corruption, or Fake News, the Socialists and the Black Widow Kamela Harris will implement the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office for dementia that is real.  Biden is too far gone to even see it coming.  The old Democrat Party is Dead.  It is now the Socialist Party of America that we must fight tooth and nail to save our nation.  

Gutless Republicans are not up to the battle.  They are often part of the Deep State Swamp feeding at the trough.  They will cower in the face of organized radicals that fundamentally want to destroy our country as part of the Cancel Culture.  Only Donald Trump can lead the charge.  First, Trump should declare Biden illegitimate.  Trump along with other Republicans absolutely should not attend the Biden Inauguration.  The same way the Black Caucus boycotted the Trump Inauguration,  Republicans who care about our country should boycott the Biden Inauguration.  Attending the Biden Inauguration lends legitimacy to his Presidency and we can't allow that to happen.  

Next, Trump must form the MAGA PAC to raise billions of dollars to both support candidates in 2022 and 2024 committed to MAGA; but also to wage holy war in the courts against the Socialist Manifesto.  Republican state Attorney Generals must band together to file litigation to challenge any crazy Biden or Harris Executive Orders that violate the Constitution.  To support these efforts there must be a major and constant public relations campaign on all fronts; protests, social media, print ads, television, bill boards etc. designed to stop the Socialists from succeeding in their manifest evil.  This is a war to save our nation and it must be managed as a war.   We should see 2020 as just one battle in the continuing war.  And, by the way, there was a Red Wave in 2020 so all was not lost.  

It is clear that Trump must lead a group to buy CNN or some other Fake News media outlet.  While there are some good guys on Fox, Fox News has gone over to the dark side.  News Nation appears to be on the right track; but they will not be enough.  We must expand conservative media both on television and radio to win hearts and minds.   As Winston Churchill said, "Never Give Up, Never Give In.    There will be many battles ahead.  We will win some and we will lose some; but we must never compromise with evil.  

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