Friday, July 30, 2021

Flip Flop Fauci & The Center For Disease Control

Flip Flop Fauci and the Center For Disease Control have lost all credibility related to Covid.  We were told that all we needed to do is be vaccinated to be home free so we could get on with life.  Really!  Some Blue States like Nevada where we live have gone back to mask mandates for all inside spaces in most counties in the state for everybody even those of us that have been vaccinated.  Further being vaccinated is apparently no guarantee against catching Covid; though supposedly only a small percentage of those getting Covid have been vaccinated.  And, those that do get Covid have a mild case.  

Here is the deal.  As far as I am concerned, people who refuse to get vaccinated for whatever mental or health reason, are on their own.  I suggest that they take Zinc and Vitamin D and have the malaria pill cocktail handy in case they come down with Covid.   Otherwise, some of them will end up in the hospital and some of them will die; but the rest of us can't live our life's based on other people's decisions.  

Now the teacher unions are balking about opening up school in the fall.  Come hell or high water, teachers must be on the job in classrooms.  School districts can require all staff members to get vaccinated as a condition of employment.  Those that choose not to should look for other jobs.  It is just that simple.  On line learning was a miserable failure for half the kids in our country.  They lost a year of instruction.  It can't happen again. 

Most important, they have been telling us for months that we must follow the science.  The problem is that the science keeps changing.  Masks obviously do little to prevent Covid.  Vaccines are not completely effective.  I am willing to take my chances.  I have been vaccinated.  If I get Covid, I will take the malaria pill cocktail to deal with the virus.   We must get on with life.  

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Woke Olympics - Advertisers Panicked

Viewership of NBC's Woke Olympics is down 47% from past games.  Advertisers who paid millions for each minute of the commercials are panicked because without viewers they wasted their money.  This is happening for a few reasons.  Half our country is sick of athletes disrespecting our country and flag.  And, while certainly not all of the American team members are doing these things like taking a knee, or turning their back on our flag, enough are doing it so that half the country is saying screw you and tuning out.  We are not going to cheer on athletes who disrespect our country.  It is that simple.  They can represent Cuba.  

Further, let's face it.  The Japanese don't know how to throw a good party.  I watched a few minutes of the opening ceremonies and what was done was amateurish and boring.  I turned away in just a few minutes because it was so bad.  

When are the people who own and manage these athletes going to get the message.  People do not want to see woke left wing politics during sports events.  We don't care what athletes do on their own time; but when they are participating in a game and particularly representing our country, they need to leave the PC BS in the locker room, or better yet home.  The notion of supporting BLM and Antifa Terrorists is particularly offensive.  

The best way we have to express our dissatisfaction is to tune out because viewership is the basis for ad dollars.   Without ad dollars, there are no games and or reduced compensation to these athletes who think they can use their positions to disrespect our country.  Well NOT!.  But really is is up to team owners and managers to stop all this offensive behavior.  If they fail, they will suffer monetary damages and that will the serve them right.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Masks - Not About The Science Any More

We have been told for months that if we all got vaccinated, that we could go back to normal.  Really!  Now some cities run by National Socialists are going back to mask mandates even for people who have been vaccinated because a small percentage of people can still get a mild case of Covid even though they have had the shots.  Enough already.  Those that have been vaccinated should not have to wear masks any where at any time.  I will take my chances. 

We take Vitamin D and Zinc along with other supplements known to ward off Covid.  My wife and I were exposed to people with Covid and did not get the virus.  We have traveled on numerous flight and have not gotten Covid.  Can we still get it.  Who knows.  All I know is that we got the shots to get back to normal.  There is no turning back.

Those who have chosen not to get the vaccine are at risk.  About 99% of people who end up in hospitals with Covid are people that have refused to get the shots.  So be it.  If these people die, they did it to themselves; but the reality is that unless they have other chronic diseases, they probably won't die because there are treatments that work.  

Kids need to be in school without masks too.  On line learning was a miserable failure for many children especially poor kids living in the inner city many of whom never participated.   A lot of these kids are already years behind in reading and math.  The last thing they need is less days in school.  

We have to get on with life.  We can't let Big Brother destroy more businesses and peoples lives.  It is time to get back to normal whatever the consequences.  

Monday, July 26, 2021

Crime In Joe Biden's America Is Out Of Control

If you don't already own guns to protect yourself and family, you better buy one.  Crime in Joe Biden's America is out of control.  Murders on the increase are happening in all Socialist run cities.  These are the same cities focused on defunding the police and releasing criminals arrested without bail.  And, you better move to a gated community that is retaining additional security.   Most important, since people are being attacked in broad day light, you must be careful where you are at all times.  At a minimum, carry mace to spray in an attacker's face and a rape whistle to bring attention to being attacked.  

The National Socialists will do nothing to address crime.  They have tolerated BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioting, looting and committing arson burning down buildings and destroying businesses all over the country.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, anarchy leads to more anarchy and we are seeing it in action all over the country in blue states.  

Crime has nothing to do with racism or prejudice.  If we are going to live in a civil society, criminals regardless of race must be arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail.  In many of these Socialist run cities Cops are just standing back rather than attempting to make arrests putting their lives and careers on the line.  Further, Cops are quitting in droves and are not being replaced because nobody wants those jobs.  Who the hell would take a job for $60,000 a year on average when it involves risking your life and an inability to actually do the job because of Woke Socialist elected officials.

Ironically, the crime rate is highest in inner cities.  So people of color are most at risk.  The murders happening in many cities across the country involve Black on Black crime.   Instead of sending out Cops when someone calls 911, they want to send out social workers.  Really!  This violence and crime will not end until law abiding citizens with the help of Cops take back their streets.  And, that will not happen as long as National Socialists are running these cities.  Thank you Joe Biden.  

Pelosi's January 6th Committee - The Real Goal Is To Smear President Trump

National Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has appointed a group of Socialist House members and two RINOS Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger that are all Trump haters.  This political sham is just Impeachment Trial number three.  The real goal is to demonstrate, not prove that President Trump was the master mind and organizer behind the riot at the Capitol that occurred on January 6th.  Don't be surprised if these big mouths don't attempt to subpoena President Trump who will not show up.  That will be good for several weeks of Fake News drama.

Here are the facts.  Thousands of people came to Washington DC on January 6th to peacefully protest the most corrupt election in our our history.  They were focused on the Big Steal.  Some number of them broke into the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College Votes.  To date more than 500 of them have been charged and some have been convicted basically for trespassing and some other minor crimes.  These protesters were not Terrorists as is the case with BLM and Antifa thugs.  They did not burn down the Capitol like BLM and Antifa that have committed arson destroying buildings and businesses all over the country without any consequences.    

The only person actually killed during the riot was a woman and former veteran protester who was shot dead by an unknown Capitol Cop.  There has been no investigation of that killing.  Various Cops were injured fighting off the rioters.  A few Cops died of stress related medical complications.  There was very little actual damage to the Capitol building.  What really happened was a complete break down in intelligence.  The FBI informed the Capitol police that there was potential for violence days before the riot took place.  Somehow the information never got to the right people, including Speaker Pelosi who technically is in charge of the Capitol police.  

They did not have sufficient police and National Guard on duty that day to prevent the breach of the Capitol.  The cops who were there were not trained to deal with this kind of riot at the Capitol.  Some of those in charge have been correctly forced to resign.  Look, what happened was wrong plain and simple.  Those who did this should be prosecuted and if convicted given sentences commensurate with their crimes not effectively charged with treason as alleged by the National Socialists and Fake New.  

None of the facts matter.  What we will see with the January 6th Committee is more highly charged, partisan circus.  The goal is to smear President Trump in the hopes that he will not run for President again.  They will fail; but the circus will go on anyway.  

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Russian Pipeline To Germany - America Last

Both Presidents Obama and Trump stopped the natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany because it was a national security issue.  So let's see.  We spend billions of dollars a year defending Germany from Russia and so now Germany will pay Russia billions of dollars a year for natural gas that Russia can now spend on weapons to threaten Eastern Europe and Germany.  It is bad enough that Germany is a dead beat related to monies they are supposed to contribute to NATO each year for their own defense; so now rather than buying liquified natural gas from the United States, which we can supply, they are buying it from Russia.  This is crazy. 

But then Joe Biden is crazy putting America Last at every turn.  Biden cancels the Keystone Pipeline that would have brought millions of gallons of oil from Canada to refineries in the United States every year, killing about 48,000 jobs.   What is particularly stupid is that this Canadian oil will makes it way to the United States on trains and truck, which are horrible for the environment and or Canada will sell their oil to China.  So, Biden cancels Keystone; but approves the Russian pipeline to Germany.

This Russian natural gas would have otherwise been shipped through Ukraine generating income for that country.  So, Germany not only screwed the United States, they screwed Ukraine that is threatened by Russia.  This is all so dumb that there can only be one conclusion.  Companies and or people in the United States or Germany have been paid off to allow this Russian pipeline to move forward.  There must be corruption in the picture.  I smell the Biden Crime Family somewhere in this deal.  Maybe the Russians are buying all those $500,000 Hunter Biden paintings with the big guy, Joe Biden getting his 10% cut.  We will never know about those bribes because the DOJ has ruled they can be anonymous.  There has to be corruption because otherwise, Joe Biden is just a demented fool.  Of course, it could be both things happening.  

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Government Spending Is Out Of Control

Currently, local, state and federal government spending represents about 40% of our annual Gross Domestic Product.  All this spending is a threat to our freedoms and our country.  That means that those of us that pay taxes are drained of our income to support all the wasteful programs, entitlements, etc.  Watching CSPAN House and Senate Committee hearings are a real eye opener.  Virtually, everyone who testifies is feeding at the trough one way or another going before Congress to speak of billions of dollars in spending as though life itself will end if the monies are not taken from us to support all sorts of crazy spending.  

The US Military is currently in more than 150 countries at our expense.  Yet, our border is not secure as we face a daily invasion of illegal aliens.  Social Security and Medicare are both headed toward insolvency as the National Socialists with the support of some RINOS keep adding new Entitlements.  We are now approaching $30 Trillion in our national debt.  If the federal government confiscated all the wealth in the country from everyone, it would still not be enough money to pay off this debt.   

Yet those in office both Socialists and Republicans talk daily about spending billions of dollars on all sorts of crazy things as though the money grows on trees.  Actually, it does grow on trees when the Federal Reserve just prints money to cover the debt and or borrows money from the Chinese and others to deal with deficit spending.  

Joe Biden is proposing a $6 trillion budget for the next year when the federal government only takes in $4 Trillion.  The difference will be borrowed money.  Contrary to Biden's demented logic, raising taxes will retard the growth of the economy so the government will not take in more money to cover all this deficit spending,  Yet the Socialists want even more, which they will push through under reconciliation without one single Republican Vote.   

Someday soon, the United States will default on all this debt.  When that happens the economy will collapse.  And, or the Federal Reserve will just print more money making the dollar worthless.  There are many parallels in history.  A similar situation led to Adolf Hitler in Germany.  The Soviet Union did not collapse because it was militarily weak.  The Soviet Union collapsed because its economy fell apart.  The United States is headed in the same direction.  The clock is ticking.  

Friday, July 23, 2021

Social Security Increase in 2022

It is now estimated that Social Security monthly payments will go up by about 6% in 2022, the highest increase in decades.  This all sounds great; but it reflects the Biden inflation in the economy that we see every time we go to the grocery store or gas station.  And, since Medicare is means tested, we can expect to see Medicare cost go up in 2022.  Those monthly charges are generally deducted from Social Security payments to recipients.  

So, those on Social Security should not expect to net much from this 6% increase.  Those monies are already being eaten up by Biden's inflation and probable Medicare increases.  Inflation is a tax on everybody.  The federal government has pumped so much money into the economy with new Covid related entitlements and billions in new spending on everything conceivable that inflation is inevitable.  Delusional Biden says it will not cause inflation.  Really!.  The cost of gas is up by more than dollar a gallon since Biden took office thanks to his stupid Executive Orders.  The cost of building materials have gone through the roof, which has impacted all housing prices.  The cost of used cars is way up.  In fact, the cost of all goods and services have increased substantially. 

Biden lives in a dream world populated by others with Dementia.  It is hard to imagine that any President could do so much damage to our country in just six months; but here we are.  And, now Covid is spiking again among those that refuse to get vaccinated.  Is Biden going to send out the Gestapo to lock them up or force them to get shots in their arms.  Stay tuned on that one.  All I know is that we are all sick of masks.  Those of us who have been vaccinated should be allowed to live our normal lives.  Some of us may get mild cases of Covid anyway, but better than losing our freedoms for another year.  And, the federal and state governments have got to stop destroying businesses.  We have to get on with life.  

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Public Schools Are Failing Our Nation

As someone who supports public schools and was a former public school teacher, it saddens me greatly to see public schools failing our nation.  The problem is that public schools run by left wing school boards, administrators, teachers and teacher unions no longer understand their mission, which should be to educate and not indoctrinate children with Socialist anti American ideology.  The United States spends more on public education than any other nation in the world, so this is not about money; yet academic results in many school districts are poor and way below world standards.  

Half the nation's kids cannot read, write, or do math at grade level.  Many of these kids primarily in our inner cities are way below grade level.  They leave school even if they manage to graduate without marketable job skills.  To be fair, these kids often come from dysfunctional families with no father in the home.   Drug and alcohol addiction are common in many families, which is also a real problem related to family stability.  As a country, we  need to deal with these issues; by arguing right from wrong.  However, the reality is that our public schools must deal with the hand they have been dealt.  They can't control what goes on at home.  All they can do is provide proper, no nonsense focused education to help break the cycle of poverty.

To do so, teachers and administrators must be held accountable for student's academic performance.  That means performance metrics and merit pay for success, both of which the teacher unions oppose.  Since we have 3 or 4 levels of education bureaucracy, wasting a lot of time and money, many of these administrative positions need to be eliminated to hire more teachers and pay them more money for top notch performance.  We also should end teacher tenure so that bad teachers can be FIRED.  

And, we have to stop all the identify politics and politically correct BS that is a waste of time in order to focus on hard core educational instruction and classroom discipline.  We have to support the traditional values of faith, family and country that made our country great.  Public Schools in the past were critical to creating one nation under God.  Somehow that goal has been lost. 

Since we have so many immigrants in our country whether legal or not, we must go back to the Melting Pot concept teaching English as a national unifier.  That does not mean lack of respect for people's national origins, or languages; but rather a recognition that we must be one people to compete with other countries.  Those that continue to divide our country along racial, religious, sexual orientation, or ethnic lines are destroying our country.  It has to stop.  Our Public Schools need to get back to the business of educating all children to make them well educated Americans.  

Clearly, that is not what is happening today.  If things don't change and soon, the School Choice movement is necessary to create competition and to allow inner city parents in particular the opportunity to get their kids into private schools in business to educate rather than indoctrinate.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Federal Department of Education Cancels CRT Funding

The federal Department of Education has cancelled funding they were going to provide local school districts to promote racist, Marxist, Socialist revisionist Fake History Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project.  Bidenistas and the adults in the National Socialist Party realized that CRT is political dynamite going into the elections in 2022.   The notion of pushing White Privilege, shaming of White Children, calling all White people racist Oppressors is not much of a vote getter.  

Turns out Critical Race Theory over reach was a tactical mistake by the National Socialists and Teacher Unions.  Public Schools and many colleges and universities have been indoctrinating students with left wing Socialist ideology for decades; but until recently it was under the radar.  They thought they could just call it Social Justice education and get away with it.  However, the silent majority all over the country has finally stood up and said NO MORE.  

Class Action Lawsuits are being filed in many school districts with more to come to stop CRT and 1619 Project racist indoctrination.  What they are attempting is a violation of White Children's 14th Amendment rights under the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution, which thankfully is color blind.  School Board members that push this racist indoctrination are being recalled from office, or targeted for defeat in the next election.  

The National Socialists and the radical teacher unions have just gone too far.  All of this will also result in a big push for School Choice as fed up parents want options to pull their kids out of public schools many of which are lousy.  

Monday, July 19, 2021

OMG - Masks Could Be Coming Back

Los Angles County, one the largest in the country, has imposed Mask Mandates again because of a spike in the Covid Virus.  No doubt, thousands of homeless people living on LA streets is not helping.  Las Vegas is once again imposing Mask Mandates at certain hotels and casino properties.  And, they are doing it both for people vaccinated and not vaccinated.  What is the point of getting the vaccine if we can't go back to normal life.  This will give many anti vaccers ammunition as in why bother getting vaccinated if it is not going to lead to normalcy.  The stock market fell on this news.  

Parts of Europe are still in lock down.  It appears that people who have been vaccinated including some in the Texas legislature that flew to Washington DC in a private plane wearing no masks have come down with Covid even though they were vaccinated.  Folks, it is time to have the malaria pill cocktail with the ZPack anti biotic on hand in case you get Covid. It should be combined with taking Zinc and Vitamin D.  It is a remedy that works according to many doctors.  Supposedly, if you have been vaccinated and you get Covid regular or the new variants,  your illness should be mild; but who the hell knows.  Be prepared in case you get sick.  

If it turns out that the vaccine is not sure proof, we are back to ground zero.  It would be a catastrophe not just for people who get sick, but for our economy.  We just can't take anymore government mandates.  We  will just have to take our chances.  We were planning a trip to Vegas next December, which is now off.  We are hoping to go to Maui, next March; but who knows.  As of now, Hawaii is still requiring masks in indoor spaces.  It is all one big mess.  Expect Big Brother to take action knocking on doors.  It is a little scary.  

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Antifa And BLM Terrorist Organizations

While the DOJ, FBI, National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State focus on the protesters who broke into the Capitol on January 6th, BLM and Antifa are Communist Terrorist Organizations running wild in our country rioting, looting, committing arson, destroying businesses.  Few are arrested and those that are arrested are released with no bail.  Serious crimes are being committed in many cities by these Terrorists; yet big corporations and others give them money.  This is shocking.  

It is time for local, state and the federal governments to act to stop this Terrorism.  So called White Supremists are not nearly the threat to our country that Antifa and BLM represent.  Any groups that commits crimes must be prosecuted and sent to jail plain and simple.  However, since Antifa and BLM are Communists, government is just fine with them because the National Socialists would not dare Lock them up.  They are their PEEP's.  What is astounding is that Big Companies and Big Tech are supporting these Terrorists by giving them millions of dollars to commit their crimes.   BLM and Antifa are not part of the legitimate Civil Rights movement.  They are Communists out to destroy our country in the name of Social Justice.  

How many people must die or be injured by these Terrorists before government acts.  How many businesses and government buildings must be destroyed before government finally takes action.  Big companies and other organizations that support these Terrorists should be accused of a crime because they are complicit in the destruction we see happening every day.  School districts that honor BLM in classrooms must cease and desist.  This is not a legitimate civil rights organization.  They are Communist Terrorists.  All Americans should be outraged at what we see happening on the streets of many of our cities.  This has nothing to do with equal rights.  What we see happening is anarchy and nothing more.    

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Without Election Integrity America Is Over

The circus we see going on in Texas as members of the Texas state legislature flew to Washington DC on a private jet in an attempt to stop a vote on common sense election laws demonstrates that the National Socialists will do anything to steal elections.  Many Red States controlled by Republicans are enacting laws to protect and guarantee election integrity.  It is certainly not Jim Crow enacted by the Democrats in the South after the Civil War to prevent Blacks from voting.  

Instead, new laws require voter ID to vote the same as would be needed to board an airplane.  Ballot harvesting, which is a sure means of fraud is being prohibited.  Mail in ballots are permitted; but must also require ID to secure.  Chain of custody of ballots is required to insure that there is no ballot tampering.  Early voting and hours to vote have actually been extended in many of these states.  The National Socialists know that they beat President Donald Trump by implementing voter fraud and now they want to codify the "emergency" processes put in place because of Covid so they can steal more elections.  What is going on is very obvious.  

The fact is that if we don't have election integrity, America is over.  Half the country believes that Joe Biden won by voter fraud and that Donald Trump is still our legitimate President.  Whether this is true or not doesn't matter.   The last minute rule changes made in some key states appears to have tipped the balance in favor of Biden.  We see now with audits in Arizona and Georgia that there were shenanigans.  Blue state Governors in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will not allow audits to take place because they know such audits will demonstrate the fraud that took place.   

National Socialists, Fake News,  big corporations including Big Tech and government bureaucracies are vested in this corruption.  Everything they say about these election integrity laws are lies and propaganda.  Republicans must continue the battle otherwise, our country is lost.  And, if that occurs it will lead to violence and chaos.  We can't let that happen.  Election integrity matters.  

Time To Limit Abortion

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a Mississippi case related to a law enacted there that would end abortion after the first 15 weeks of gestation unless there was some emergency that would warrant it after.  Of course, the National Socialists, left wing women's group, Hollywood, Fake News and others in the Deep State support abortion infanticide right up until birth and even after.  They argue for a woman's "reproductive rights" without any regard for an innocent baby's rights.   

Here are the facts.  At about 7 weeks, there is a heartbeat demonstrating that there is a living human being not just some blob of tissue.  At three months, there is a visible baby in shape and form.  Early abortions use the suction method to remove tissue.  Once a baby is formed, the suction method can no longer be used.  Instead, the abortionist must use an instrument with clamps to literally rip a baby limb from limb to get it out of the uterus.  When that is done the baby parts, which are often sold are laid out on a table to make sure that the abortionist got all of it out of the womb to prevent infection.  

This is the most gruesome murder possible of an innocent baby.  Planned Parenthood and other organizations that implement abortion infanticide do not want the public to know of this horrible brutality.  If there is a devil, could he want anything more than the killing of innocent babies ripping them limb from limb.  It is disgusting and it must stop.  There should be no abortions that cannot be performed by the suction method so that means early on in a pregnancy.   It is easy to argue that once there is a heart beat an innocent baby is being murdered.  Let us hope that the Supreme Court upholds the 15 week rule enacted in Mississippi as a reasonable compromise related to this terrible stain on our nation.  Abortion and the killing of the innocents is worse the Holocaust, or slavery.  It is a crime against humanity.  

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Biden Administration Requests That The UN Investigate Racism In America - Really!!

It is hard to imagine that the Biden Administration is requesting that the corrupt United Nations investigate racism in America.  This is one of the most idiotic ideas of many coming out of Bidenistas to date.  First of all, most of the member countries of United Nations are not democracies.  Further, they persecute and even murder their own citizens.  And, these are the countries that are going to investigate racism in America.  This is just plain stupid and ludicrous.  

For some reason, Biden wants to give our enemies propaganda that they can and will use against our country whenever we bring up the human rights abuses that are happening in Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and many other countries in the world.   So called racism in our country is nothing compared to the murders happening around the world. 

The National Socialist globalists running our country are starting to look like traitors selling out America at every turn.  We knew Bidenistas were America last kinds of politicians; but this latest antic just demonstrates how bad they really are.  Our enemies are laughing at our government, or should I say Bidenista's stupidity.  It just gets worse by the day.  President Trump we need you back in office now to put America First!!  

US Woke Military Is Based In More Than 150 Countries - Time To Come Home And Defend Our Border

Presumably to defend the vital interests of the United States, the US Woke Military has troops based in more than 150 countries.  This is crazy over reach that is costing American taxpayers billions of dollars as both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency and our national debt is now at about $30 Trillion.  This PAX Americana is the greatest empire ever created in world history.  So China and Russia see this as them being surrounded by the American military, which logically must cause them to respond to defend their countries.  Who could blame them.  This does not mean that China and Russia are not a threat to our national security; but it just makes their actions a bit more understandable.  

Both countries have suffered greatly from foreign invasions.  Naturally, they are building and maintaining their militaries to make sure it never happens again.  US Military leaders have much to gain personally from this American overreach.  The Generals and the Admirals get their promotions, status and high salaries from all the never ending wars the United States has experienced, since the beginning of the 20th century some justified and some pretty stupid.  Afghanistan is just the latest example.  

After 20 years of war in Afghanistan and spending trillions of dollars, thousands of American and Allied forces killed and wounded, we are pulling out having gained little.  In a short time, the Taliban will be in control of Afghanistan and once again it will be a base for Terrorists.  What a complete waste of blood and treasure.   The lesson learned should be never land troops.  Use air power alone to punish our enemies.  Kill their leaders if warranted and stay the hell away from nation building.  It just does not work.  

The reality is that we maintain our PAX Americana empire to benefit our global companies not the American people.  The largest companies in the world do business all over the world.  They want the American military there to protect their interests.  What other explanation can there be.  It is time to bring the troops home from many of these countries.  Certainly, the European Union and Great Britain should be able to defend Europe from Russia.  Britain and France both have nuclear weapons to serve as a deterrent.  

We can fire missiles from submarines, or the United States to hit any country in the world.  We don't need to be in those countries to assist in their defense.  Japan needs to develop nuclear weapons so that along with India and Australia, hey can counter balance China.  It is time that the United States rethink our military strategy.  We do not need American troops based in more than 150 countries.  It is time for our troops to come home and defend our border.  It is time to put America First.  

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Hunter Biden's Art - Just More Biden Crime Family Corruption

In addition to the millions of dollars Hunter Biden has made selling the Biden family name,  now Hunter has suddenly become at Artist.  It has been reported that art lovers are paying $500,000 for one of Biden's paintings.  What a deal!  But, the buyers must remain anonymous and the Department of Justice has ruled that there is no problem with keeping the buyer's names secret.   None of this would matter much except that Hunter Biden's father is the President of the United States.  And, the big guy, Joe Biden gets 10% of any monies that Hunter Biden makes peddling influence by selling the Biden family name in one of their crime family schemes.

Have to wonder if Merrick Garland, the toady in charge of DOJ in now getting his share of the money as a kick back.  Somebody at DOJ must be in on the corrupt scheme because approving this deal had to come with a pay off.  Can you even imagine if one of the Trump kids had been doing this sort of thing while President Trump was in office.  It would have led to another Impeachment trial for sure.  

But that will not happen as long as the National Socialists are in charge.  Corruption is normal for these politicians, which is why as long as one of their own is on the gravy train; no problem.  So the Biden Crime family continues to find ways to trade on their name.  Hunter Biden is just the front man for his father, Joe Biden, the President of the United States at least on days when he can remember his name.  

Monday, July 12, 2021

Hunter Biden's Art - More Biden Crime Family Corruption

In addition to the millions of dollars Hunter Biden has made selling the Biden family name,  now Hunter has suddenly become at Artist.  It has been reported that art lovers are paying $500,000 for one of Biden's paintings.  What a deal!  But, the buyers must remain anonymous and the Department of Justice has ruled that there is no problem with keeping the buyer's names secret.   None of this would matter much except that Hunter Biden's father is the President of the United States.  And, the big guy, Joe Biden gets 10% of any monies that Hunter Biden makes peddling influence by selling the Biden family name in one of their crime family schemes.

Have to wonder if Merrick Garland, the toady in charge of DOJ in now getting his share of the money as a kick back.  Somebody at DOJ must be in on the corrupt scheme because approving this deal had to come with a pay off.  Can you even imagine if one of the Trump kids had been doing this sort of thing while President Trump was in office.  It would have led to another Impeachment trial for sure.  

But that will not happen as long as the National Socialists are in charge.  Corruption is normal for these politicians, which is why as long as one of their own is on the gravy train; no problem.  So the Biden Crime family continues to find ways to trade on their name.  Hunter Biden is just the front man for his father, Joe Biden, the President of the United States at least on days when he can remember his name.  

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Teacher Unions Do Not Represent the Interests Of Children

It should be clear by now that teacher unions do not represent the interests of children, though they profess to do so.   And, why would anybody expect teacher union to care about the kids.  The kids don't pay their dues.  Teacher unions are in business to extract as many tax payer dollars as they can to benefit themselves in salaries, pensions and less work.  Hello.  What would anybody expect otherwise.  This is the job of all unions to represent the interests of their members. 

That is all understandable.  The problem is that teacher unions are now left wing Socialist, Woke organizations pushing abortion on demand, CRT and Project 1619 radical Socialist Marxist revisionist Fake History, the Green New Deal, entitlements, open borders etc. etc. etc.  In other words, teacher unions are part of the National Socialist Party advancing every radical Socialist scheme in the country.  They give millions every year to Socialist candidates.  They also opposed School Choice, which would allow poor parents and their kids to escape failing inner city public schools because those kids are their ticket to power and benefits for public school teachers.   The teacher unions want those kids kept on the plantation.  

Unfortunately, teacher union are right in the middle of the culture wars and therefore they are the enemies of half the country, the half that voted for President Trump.  Teacher unions are not to be confused with some hard working teachers who may happen to be conservative, patriotic Americans that voted for Trump.  Of course, those teachers must be covert and cannot speak their minds because they have been silenced to keep their jobs.   Most important, we must see teacher unions for the National Socialists that there are; enemies of the people.  Teacher unions are not in business to represent the interest of children; that is for sure. 

Friday, July 9, 2021

Fake News CNN Ratings Are In The Toilet

Fake News CNN's ratings are in the toilet.  None of their shows break a million viewers.  This contrast with Fox News Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity that regularly get 3 million plus viewers every day.  The same is now true with the guys on NewsMax.  This is serious.  Ratings tie directly to ad dollars.  When ratings stink, ad dollars go away.  So where is the management of CNN owned by AT & T.  It is time for heads to roll.  CNN's commentators can't draw an audience without President Donald Trump to kick around.  Trump predicted that without him in office both CNN and MSDNC would die and sure enough it is happening. 

Only NewsMax and CSPAN will carry Trump's rallies and when they do their ratings go through the roof.  Trump sells.  We can't get enough of him.  It is just that simple.  At some point, the stock holders of AT & T will demand that they dump CNN.  Trump should put a consortium together to buy CNN renaming it TNN for Truth News Network.  Think of the pleasure Trump would get when he tells the left wing big mouths at CNN, Cooper, Lemon, Tapper,  Cuomo and others, You Are Fired.   Trump would have to clean house to get the ratings back up.  There is no other way.  It would be a legitimate business decision given ratings that continue to fall.  

No doubt Trump would be able to attract some of the guys over at Fox who are probably not to happy with Fox these days.  NewsMax is the station of preference now for Trump supporters; half the country.  It is the only place other than some of the guys at Fox to get the truth.  Otherwise,  Fake News is nothing but lies and Socialist propaganda.  A majority of Americans now believe the mainstream media is an enemy of the people, which is why their ratings stink.  Half the country will not watch CNN, MSDNC and other propaganda networks that continue to protect the Biden Crime Family.  We know BS when we hear and see it.  

Thursday, July 8, 2021

President Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Tech

President Trump has filed a class action lawsuit against Big Tech, Google, Twitter, Facebook, on behalf of himself and all Americans that have been cancelled by these Fascists.  We are in Germany in 1933.  Books are being banned.  Our First and Second Amendment rights are being violated.  The National Socialists, Fake News, the 100 largest corporations in America including Big Tech and government bureaucracies are doing everything they can to silence those of us that do not accept their PC BS Socialist ideology.  We have never seen anything like this in American history, except maybe when the Senator Joseph McCarthy held the Senate hearings accusing many of being Communists.  Of course, a lot of those accused where Communists.  Nevertheless, it resulted in black balling of these Americans, which was wrong then and it is wrong now.  

This Trump class action lawsuit is likely to go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Either way, this will be a precedent setting case.  Big Tech represents far too much power in too few hands, which is why they along with many huge companies should be broken up.  That aside given the nature of Big Tech's activities, they are acting to censor those they don't agree with, which is a violation of our First Amendment rights.  They maintain open platforms allowing dictators and Terrorists to speak, but not patriotic Americans.  It is unacceptable. 

And, Trump is seeking punitive damages.  That means monies that must be paid if Big Tech loses this case, which is appropriate because they have also impacted people's right to make a living in some instances.  Expect this case to take several years as it works its way through the courts.   Whatever happens, we should thank President Trump for taking on this case.  It has to be done to protect our freedoms.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Deep State Is Dangerous To Our Freedoms

The Deep State, which includes the National Socialists, Fake News, the 100 largest companies in America including Big Tech and government bureaucracies are dangerous to our freedoms.   Now under the guise of accusing everybody that voted for Trump of racism, which is ridiculous,  we are all subject to outrageous attacks on our freedoms.  This January 6th committee that is supposed to investigate the riot that occurred on Capitol Hill put in place by Fascist Pelosi is just another Trump Impeachment trial.  It does not even make sense since both House and Senate committees are already holding hearings to discover what happened on January 6th.  It appears to be just another government failure.  So what's new. 

Government bureaucrats who had intelligence reports about potential violence on January 6 and failed to act to protect their butts are now saying it was an insurgency implemented by thousands of protesters with weapons.  That is simply not true.  They claim all of the people arrested about 500 were White Supremists; also not true.   There were no guns involved in this riot.  The only person actually killed by a yet to be named Capitol Policeman was an unarmed White woman and former veteran.   There is no investigation happening concerning this killing.  Imagine if the woman had been Black.  

The Deep State is attempting to cancel all who voted for Trump.  It is just that simple.  The good news is that President Trump is fighting back by suing Big Tech.  What we have in America today is the Gestapo. It is 1933 in Germany all over again.  Books are being banned.  Freedom of speech and religion are under threat along with the second amendment, the right to bear arms.  We must stand up to these Fascist to preserve our freedoms.  The elections in 2022 and 2024 will be crucial at all levels of government.  We must take back the House and Senate; but we must also win city, state and school board elections to stop the tyranny that is happening.  We are at a cross road.  We must save our country, or we will lose our freedoms.  

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Cyber Terrorism And Joe Biden

Cyber Terrorists around the world are increasing their activities targeting American businesses because they know Joe Biden is weak and will do little to stop them.  Much of this terrorism is coming from Russia, China, Iran and perhaps North Korea.   Biden needs to make the Kennedy statement similar to what occurred during the Cuban missile crisis.  Biden needs to tell the leaders of these countries that if we determine there is cyber terrorism coming from their countries, if they don't publicly shut them down immediately, the United States will launch a full retaliatory attack to paralyze their infrastructure, banking system etc.  President Trump would do it in a minute, which is the reason they would not dare to do these things when Trump was President.  Cyber Terrorism is a declaration of war.  We are at war right now. 

A weak President causes other countries to miscalculate to the point where even Joe Biden, or his handlers will be forced to take dramatic action to stop it.  We are living in very dangerous times.  Biden has dementia and it is obvious to everyone.  Biden must be totally scripted by his handlers for him to come before the press and the world.  Others in the Biden Administration need to speak forcefully because Joe Biden and or Kamela Harris cannot defend our country.

Cyber Terrorism is as big a threat to our country as nuclear war.  These Terrorists could shut down all critical functions in our country.  Just imagine if they attack the power grid, utilities etc.  Everything would stop immediately.  They could and would demand billions in bit coin to bring systems back up and we would be forced to pay the ransom or face national calamity.  

We can't let any of this happen.  The Biden Administration needs to act forcefully and NOW to stop these threats to our country.  Literally lives are at stake and much worse than the threat of Covid brought on by China.  Hopefully, the FBI, DOJ, CIA and US Military is preparing to step in to get the job done.  Clearly we can't count on feeble Joe Biden to protect the vital interests of the United States.  Biden has proven that daily with the invasion at our border.  

Monday, July 5, 2021

Sexual Orientation Is Now A Very Divisive Issue

Most people really don't care if someone is heterosexual or some variation of homosexual as long as everybody's rights are respected.  The baker or florist who is not comfortable participating in a gay wedding as a result of strongly held religious beliefs should never be forced to do so since there is another baker or florist down the street more than willing to provide services.  From my standpoint, business is business.  However, no one who believes in traditional marriage and reserving the words marriage, husband and wife to a man and woman should be persecuted for their beliefs.  

The problem is LGBTQIA radicals and their left wing supporters who seek to shove their ideology down the throats of everybody else who though often tolerant don't buy into all their ideology.  For example, I have no problem with civil unions even presided over by left wing ministers or rabbis, but again the words marriage, husband and wife should be left to the 5,000 year old tradition between a man and a woman.  Fortunately, the English language is sufficiently diverse so that words like spouse and partner work just fine to describe a gay relationship.  And, civil unions have the same legal effect as marriage so what's the big deal.  

I certainty don't care if men dress as women or visa versa; though I must admit anyone wearing too much make up as I recently saw with a man/woman working at Wal Mart made he/she look like a clown.   If the goal was to say look at me, I am a man woman, the goal was achieved; but he she looked ridiculous.  

There are some lines in the sand related to privacy issues.   A person's body parts should determine the permissible bathroom or locker room not what is in someone's mind to protect the privacy rights of others.  If someone has a sex change operation and hormone treatments and therefore body parts change then presumably the bathrooms and locker rooms can change.  And, men who declare themselves to be women should not be allowed to participate in women's competitive sports.  Since men tend to be bigger and stronger, it is just not fair to women when scholarships or Olympic Gold could be on the line. 

Sexual Orientation does not have to be a divisive issue if common sense and mutual consideration were just applied to the issues we seem to face on a daily basis.  Exposing children as young as kindergarten to these issues is ridiculous.  The radical LGBTQIA agenda is not age appropriate until perhaps after puberty and even then pushing extreme ideology on young children is not in the best interest of anyone.   It just causes parents to rise up in anger to protect their children from extreme sexual thinking, which is perfectly understandable particularly if such thinking violates religious teachings.   

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Enemies Of The United States Are Not Woke

While the National Socialists, Fake News, the Deep State and the largest companies headquartered in the United States, including Big Tech, focus on dividing our nation on the basis of Identity Politics, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, all our enemies are focused on their countries First not last.  As they build their militaries and economies, you can bet they are not arguing over who is a man or woman, or their histories.  They are not interested in their versions of Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project, which is nothing more than Socialist Marxist Revisionist Fake History.  

Our enemies have a singular goal and that is to destroy the United States as a world power.  They just love Joe Biden who they see as weak and suffering from dementia.  Sadly, Biden's mental state and incompetence could cause them to miscalculate, which could result in a disastrous war.  Biden's plan to move head first into the Green New Deal is music to their ears, the Green New Deal would place our industries at a competitive disadvantage.  China especially is perfectly positioned to pick up the millions of jobs we will lose as a result of ridiculous environmental restrictions in the US.  And, they would be very happy to see Biden bankrupt our country.  It is important to recognize that the Soviet Union fell apart not because they were militarily weak; but rather because their economy was a basket case.  Biden's US is headed in the same direction as inflation is kicking in that will make everybody poorer.   

President Trump is perfectly right to recognize that we must Save America from the Bidenistas out to destroy our country.  Biden is working with our enemies as though he is on the take.  Who knows, the Biden Crime Family may very well be on the take given past experience.  We know for sure that China owns Joe Biden.  Everything Biden has done to date benefits China and Russia at American expense.  We all see it.  Could bribes be the reason for Biden's betrayal of our country.  Nothing would surprise me.  Who is buying those Hunter Biden paintings for $500,000.  Remember, the "Big Guy", Joe Biden gets 10%.  What other logic can there be for paying this kind of money for junk art.  

President Trump - MAGA America First - Save America

Even though the National Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State are doing everything they can to cancel President Trump, it is not working.  President Trump held a HUGE July 4th weekend rally in Sarasota, Florida attended by thousands of people who braved the heat and rain for a chance to see and hear President Trump speak on his MAGA America First and Now Save America agenda.  Trump's themes resonate now even more than before after 6 months of Biden Harris and all the messes they are creating.  

The half the country that supports Trump is more angry than ever related to the invasion happening at our border, all the woke PC BS we see coming out of our schools, the military, big companies, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State.  Trillion dollar budgets and deficit spending.  Abortion on demand right up until birth and even after paid for with taxpayer dollars.  Biden's proposals to raise taxes and add regulations that will be job killers.  And, then there is Biden's stupid and misguided foreign policy that will lead to more wars.  

Trump is speaking Truth To Power and they hate him for it.  But the truth Trump is speaking resonates with the American people who are sick and tired of the corruption we see and the Establishment feeding at the trough.  These are evil people willing to lie, cheat and steal to stay in power to keep the gravy train rolling.  This is why they used election fraud to defeat Trump.  Stalin said it doesn't not matter who votes.  What matters is who count the votes.  

National Socialists keep trying to impose the same fraud they benefited from in 2020 on the nation to win more elections in the future.  Without election integrity, we will lose our country.  We have to fight like hell to stop ballot harvesting, unsolicited mail out ballots and counting votes for days after the election.  This gives them time to alter ballots or dump those ballots cast for Conservatives.  Trump is right on all of these issues.  Now, it is all about Saving America.    

Saturday, July 3, 2021

National Socialists - Be Careful What You Demand - $15 An Hour

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I went to Wal Mart on probably their busiest shopping day of the week.  Instead of seeing 15 or more checkers at the registers to assist with paying for groceries and other items almost all their check out stands have been converted to self service operations.  So where there was once 15 or more employees, there were now just three to monitor what was going on as customers scanned their items to pay for them.

This is what the potential of being required to pay $15 an hour is doing to low margin businesses.  They are turning to automation and robotics to replace employees.  But the implications in terms of job losses are even bigger.  Fewer employees means fewer managers and staff working in HR to deal with recruitment, hiring, firing, benefits and payrolls.  Eliminating those 15 or more entry level jobs that normally would have been at $8 - $10 a hour plus benefits has a ripple effect so that many more higher paying jobs can also be eliminated.  

The National Socialists that generally have never run a business are clueless when it comes to the long term impact of their demands and regulations on business that are all job killers.  Requiring a minimum wage of $15 an hour for jobs that can easily be automated is counter productive and will kill millions of jobs.  The National Socialists don't care because they think it will buy them votes.   They also don't care if the end result is more people on Welfare and Food Stamps because those people always vote for Socialists to keep the dole coming.  Socialism wherever it has been tried always leads to poverty, misery and history teaches us even murder.  Demanding a $15 minimum wage will hurt the very people the Socialists claim to help; but so what.  It is what is it. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

Harris Finally Goes To The Wrong City On The Border

 Since President Trump announced he will be visiting the border, the Biden Administration ordered Vice President Kamela Harris to get her butt down there for her photo op.  Only problem is that Harris went to El Paso, Texas, which in NOT the place where most illegal aliens are entering our country.  To see that she needed to go to the Rio Grande Valley and McAllen, Texas where thousands have invaded our country since Joe Biden took office.  El Paso was a waste of time. 

Hell, Harris might just as well have gone to old town in San Diego where she was likely to see just as many illegal aliens working or visiting there.   While we have always had illegal aliens entering our country for decades, the invasion we are seeing today particularly related to unaccompanied minors makes us wonder if members of the Biden Administration are being paid off by the Cartels for their open border policy, which is allowing the Cartels to profit in the millions of dollars every day for human and drug trafficking.  Somebody must be getting bribes for allowing this to happen.  What other explanation could there be?

It is estimated that about $133 billion taxpayer dollars a year are spent to support existing illegal aliens in our country.  This is to pay for education, medical services, law enforcement, the courts, the jails etc.  In states like California, illegal aliens are on the dole as well.  Biden was elected to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Allowing an invasion at our Border is a violation of his Constitutional oath of office.  Biden should be impeached for his failure to secure our border.  

The border was never more secure than when Trump was President.  450 miles of border wall were built while Trump was President.  The rest of the wall needs to be finished.  Trump's stay in Mexico Policy for asylum seekers discouraged people from making the dangerous trek from Central America.  Biden stopped all the common sense Trump Policies and we now see the crisis at our border.  Biden suffers from dementia; but in addition he is just a big dope.  The crisis at our border is Biden made.  The photo op implemented by Kamela Harris was a meaningless waste of time and taxpayer dollars.  Harris was right, why bother!