Monday, July 26, 2021

Crime In Joe Biden's America Is Out Of Control

If you don't already own guns to protect yourself and family, you better buy one.  Crime in Joe Biden's America is out of control.  Murders on the increase are happening in all Socialist run cities.  These are the same cities focused on defunding the police and releasing criminals arrested without bail.  And, you better move to a gated community that is retaining additional security.   Most important, since people are being attacked in broad day light, you must be careful where you are at all times.  At a minimum, carry mace to spray in an attacker's face and a rape whistle to bring attention to being attacked.  

The National Socialists will do nothing to address crime.  They have tolerated BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioting, looting and committing arson burning down buildings and destroying businesses all over the country.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, anarchy leads to more anarchy and we are seeing it in action all over the country in blue states.  

Crime has nothing to do with racism or prejudice.  If we are going to live in a civil society, criminals regardless of race must be arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail.  In many of these Socialist run cities Cops are just standing back rather than attempting to make arrests putting their lives and careers on the line.  Further, Cops are quitting in droves and are not being replaced because nobody wants those jobs.  Who the hell would take a job for $60,000 a year on average when it involves risking your life and an inability to actually do the job because of Woke Socialist elected officials.

Ironically, the crime rate is highest in inner cities.  So people of color are most at risk.  The murders happening in many cities across the country involve Black on Black crime.   Instead of sending out Cops when someone calls 911, they want to send out social workers.  Really!  This violence and crime will not end until law abiding citizens with the help of Cops take back their streets.  And, that will not happen as long as National Socialists are running these cities.  Thank you Joe Biden.  

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