Thursday, July 15, 2021

Biden Administration Requests That The UN Investigate Racism In America - Really!!

It is hard to imagine that the Biden Administration is requesting that the corrupt United Nations investigate racism in America.  This is one of the most idiotic ideas of many coming out of Bidenistas to date.  First of all, most of the member countries of United Nations are not democracies.  Further, they persecute and even murder their own citizens.  And, these are the countries that are going to investigate racism in America.  This is just plain stupid and ludicrous.  

For some reason, Biden wants to give our enemies propaganda that they can and will use against our country whenever we bring up the human rights abuses that are happening in Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and many other countries in the world.   So called racism in our country is nothing compared to the murders happening around the world. 

The National Socialist globalists running our country are starting to look like traitors selling out America at every turn.  We knew Bidenistas were America last kinds of politicians; but this latest antic just demonstrates how bad they really are.  Our enemies are laughing at our government, or should I say Bidenista's stupidity.  It just gets worse by the day.  President Trump we need you back in office now to put America First!!  

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