Thursday, July 8, 2021

President Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Tech

President Trump has filed a class action lawsuit against Big Tech, Google, Twitter, Facebook, on behalf of himself and all Americans that have been cancelled by these Fascists.  We are in Germany in 1933.  Books are being banned.  Our First and Second Amendment rights are being violated.  The National Socialists, Fake News, the 100 largest corporations in America including Big Tech and government bureaucracies are doing everything they can to silence those of us that do not accept their PC BS Socialist ideology.  We have never seen anything like this in American history, except maybe when the Senator Joseph McCarthy held the Senate hearings accusing many of being Communists.  Of course, a lot of those accused where Communists.  Nevertheless, it resulted in black balling of these Americans, which was wrong then and it is wrong now.  

This Trump class action lawsuit is likely to go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Either way, this will be a precedent setting case.  Big Tech represents far too much power in too few hands, which is why they along with many huge companies should be broken up.  That aside given the nature of Big Tech's activities, they are acting to censor those they don't agree with, which is a violation of our First Amendment rights.  They maintain open platforms allowing dictators and Terrorists to speak, but not patriotic Americans.  It is unacceptable. 

And, Trump is seeking punitive damages.  That means monies that must be paid if Big Tech loses this case, which is appropriate because they have also impacted people's right to make a living in some instances.  Expect this case to take several years as it works its way through the courts.   Whatever happens, we should thank President Trump for taking on this case.  It has to be done to protect our freedoms.  

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