Sunday, July 4, 2021

Enemies Of The United States Are Not Woke

While the National Socialists, Fake News, the Deep State and the largest companies headquartered in the United States, including Big Tech, focus on dividing our nation on the basis of Identity Politics, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, all our enemies are focused on their countries First not last.  As they build their militaries and economies, you can bet they are not arguing over who is a man or woman, or their histories.  They are not interested in their versions of Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project, which is nothing more than Socialist Marxist Revisionist Fake History.  

Our enemies have a singular goal and that is to destroy the United States as a world power.  They just love Joe Biden who they see as weak and suffering from dementia.  Sadly, Biden's mental state and incompetence could cause them to miscalculate, which could result in a disastrous war.  Biden's plan to move head first into the Green New Deal is music to their ears, the Green New Deal would place our industries at a competitive disadvantage.  China especially is perfectly positioned to pick up the millions of jobs we will lose as a result of ridiculous environmental restrictions in the US.  And, they would be very happy to see Biden bankrupt our country.  It is important to recognize that the Soviet Union fell apart not because they were militarily weak; but rather because their economy was a basket case.  Biden's US is headed in the same direction as inflation is kicking in that will make everybody poorer.   

President Trump is perfectly right to recognize that we must Save America from the Bidenistas out to destroy our country.  Biden is working with our enemies as though he is on the take.  Who knows, the Biden Crime Family may very well be on the take given past experience.  We know for sure that China owns Joe Biden.  Everything Biden has done to date benefits China and Russia at American expense.  We all see it.  Could bribes be the reason for Biden's betrayal of our country.  Nothing would surprise me.  Who is buying those Hunter Biden paintings for $500,000.  Remember, the "Big Guy", Joe Biden gets 10%.  What other logic can there be for paying this kind of money for junk art.  

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