Saturday, July 3, 2021

National Socialists - Be Careful What You Demand - $15 An Hour

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I went to Wal Mart on probably their busiest shopping day of the week.  Instead of seeing 15 or more checkers at the registers to assist with paying for groceries and other items almost all their check out stands have been converted to self service operations.  So where there was once 15 or more employees, there were now just three to monitor what was going on as customers scanned their items to pay for them.

This is what the potential of being required to pay $15 an hour is doing to low margin businesses.  They are turning to automation and robotics to replace employees.  But the implications in terms of job losses are even bigger.  Fewer employees means fewer managers and staff working in HR to deal with recruitment, hiring, firing, benefits and payrolls.  Eliminating those 15 or more entry level jobs that normally would have been at $8 - $10 a hour plus benefits has a ripple effect so that many more higher paying jobs can also be eliminated.  

The National Socialists that generally have never run a business are clueless when it comes to the long term impact of their demands and regulations on business that are all job killers.  Requiring a minimum wage of $15 an hour for jobs that can easily be automated is counter productive and will kill millions of jobs.  The National Socialists don't care because they think it will buy them votes.   They also don't care if the end result is more people on Welfare and Food Stamps because those people always vote for Socialists to keep the dole coming.  Socialism wherever it has been tried always leads to poverty, misery and history teaches us even murder.  Demanding a $15 minimum wage will hurt the very people the Socialists claim to help; but so what.  It is what is it. 

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