Friday, July 2, 2021

Harris Finally Goes To The Wrong City On The Border

 Since President Trump announced he will be visiting the border, the Biden Administration ordered Vice President Kamela Harris to get her butt down there for her photo op.  Only problem is that Harris went to El Paso, Texas, which in NOT the place where most illegal aliens are entering our country.  To see that she needed to go to the Rio Grande Valley and McAllen, Texas where thousands have invaded our country since Joe Biden took office.  El Paso was a waste of time. 

Hell, Harris might just as well have gone to old town in San Diego where she was likely to see just as many illegal aliens working or visiting there.   While we have always had illegal aliens entering our country for decades, the invasion we are seeing today particularly related to unaccompanied minors makes us wonder if members of the Biden Administration are being paid off by the Cartels for their open border policy, which is allowing the Cartels to profit in the millions of dollars every day for human and drug trafficking.  Somebody must be getting bribes for allowing this to happen.  What other explanation could there be?

It is estimated that about $133 billion taxpayer dollars a year are spent to support existing illegal aliens in our country.  This is to pay for education, medical services, law enforcement, the courts, the jails etc.  In states like California, illegal aliens are on the dole as well.  Biden was elected to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Allowing an invasion at our Border is a violation of his Constitutional oath of office.  Biden should be impeached for his failure to secure our border.  

The border was never more secure than when Trump was President.  450 miles of border wall were built while Trump was President.  The rest of the wall needs to be finished.  Trump's stay in Mexico Policy for asylum seekers discouraged people from making the dangerous trek from Central America.  Biden stopped all the common sense Trump Policies and we now see the crisis at our border.  Biden suffers from dementia; but in addition he is just a big dope.  The crisis at our border is Biden made.  The photo op implemented by Kamela Harris was a meaningless waste of time and taxpayer dollars.  Harris was right, why bother!  

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