Friday, July 30, 2021

Flip Flop Fauci & The Center For Disease Control

Flip Flop Fauci and the Center For Disease Control have lost all credibility related to Covid.  We were told that all we needed to do is be vaccinated to be home free so we could get on with life.  Really!  Some Blue States like Nevada where we live have gone back to mask mandates for all inside spaces in most counties in the state for everybody even those of us that have been vaccinated.  Further being vaccinated is apparently no guarantee against catching Covid; though supposedly only a small percentage of those getting Covid have been vaccinated.  And, those that do get Covid have a mild case.  

Here is the deal.  As far as I am concerned, people who refuse to get vaccinated for whatever mental or health reason, are on their own.  I suggest that they take Zinc and Vitamin D and have the malaria pill cocktail handy in case they come down with Covid.   Otherwise, some of them will end up in the hospital and some of them will die; but the rest of us can't live our life's based on other people's decisions.  

Now the teacher unions are balking about opening up school in the fall.  Come hell or high water, teachers must be on the job in classrooms.  School districts can require all staff members to get vaccinated as a condition of employment.  Those that choose not to should look for other jobs.  It is just that simple.  On line learning was a miserable failure for half the kids in our country.  They lost a year of instruction.  It can't happen again. 

Most important, they have been telling us for months that we must follow the science.  The problem is that the science keeps changing.  Masks obviously do little to prevent Covid.  Vaccines are not completely effective.  I am willing to take my chances.  I have been vaccinated.  If I get Covid, I will take the malaria pill cocktail to deal with the virus.   We must get on with life.  

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