Monday, July 19, 2021

OMG - Masks Could Be Coming Back

Los Angles County, one the largest in the country, has imposed Mask Mandates again because of a spike in the Covid Virus.  No doubt, thousands of homeless people living on LA streets is not helping.  Las Vegas is once again imposing Mask Mandates at certain hotels and casino properties.  And, they are doing it both for people vaccinated and not vaccinated.  What is the point of getting the vaccine if we can't go back to normal life.  This will give many anti vaccers ammunition as in why bother getting vaccinated if it is not going to lead to normalcy.  The stock market fell on this news.  

Parts of Europe are still in lock down.  It appears that people who have been vaccinated including some in the Texas legislature that flew to Washington DC in a private plane wearing no masks have come down with Covid even though they were vaccinated.  Folks, it is time to have the malaria pill cocktail with the ZPack anti biotic on hand in case you get Covid. It should be combined with taking Zinc and Vitamin D.  It is a remedy that works according to many doctors.  Supposedly, if you have been vaccinated and you get Covid regular or the new variants,  your illness should be mild; but who the hell knows.  Be prepared in case you get sick.  

If it turns out that the vaccine is not sure proof, we are back to ground zero.  It would be a catastrophe not just for people who get sick, but for our economy.  We just can't take anymore government mandates.  We  will just have to take our chances.  We were planning a trip to Vegas next December, which is now off.  We are hoping to go to Maui, next March; but who knows.  As of now, Hawaii is still requiring masks in indoor spaces.  It is all one big mess.  Expect Big Brother to take action knocking on doors.  It is a little scary.  

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