Thursday, July 29, 2021

Woke Olympics - Advertisers Panicked

Viewership of NBC's Woke Olympics is down 47% from past games.  Advertisers who paid millions for each minute of the commercials are panicked because without viewers they wasted their money.  This is happening for a few reasons.  Half our country is sick of athletes disrespecting our country and flag.  And, while certainly not all of the American team members are doing these things like taking a knee, or turning their back on our flag, enough are doing it so that half the country is saying screw you and tuning out.  We are not going to cheer on athletes who disrespect our country.  It is that simple.  They can represent Cuba.  

Further, let's face it.  The Japanese don't know how to throw a good party.  I watched a few minutes of the opening ceremonies and what was done was amateurish and boring.  I turned away in just a few minutes because it was so bad.  

When are the people who own and manage these athletes going to get the message.  People do not want to see woke left wing politics during sports events.  We don't care what athletes do on their own time; but when they are participating in a game and particularly representing our country, they need to leave the PC BS in the locker room, or better yet home.  The notion of supporting BLM and Antifa Terrorists is particularly offensive.  

The best way we have to express our dissatisfaction is to tune out because viewership is the basis for ad dollars.   Without ad dollars, there are no games and or reduced compensation to these athletes who think they can use their positions to disrespect our country.  Well NOT!.  But really is is up to team owners and managers to stop all this offensive behavior.  If they fail, they will suffer monetary damages and that will the serve them right.  

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