Sunday, July 11, 2021

Teacher Unions Do Not Represent the Interests Of Children

It should be clear by now that teacher unions do not represent the interests of children, though they profess to do so.   And, why would anybody expect teacher union to care about the kids.  The kids don't pay their dues.  Teacher unions are in business to extract as many tax payer dollars as they can to benefit themselves in salaries, pensions and less work.  Hello.  What would anybody expect otherwise.  This is the job of all unions to represent the interests of their members. 

That is all understandable.  The problem is that teacher unions are now left wing Socialist, Woke organizations pushing abortion on demand, CRT and Project 1619 radical Socialist Marxist revisionist Fake History, the Green New Deal, entitlements, open borders etc. etc. etc.  In other words, teacher unions are part of the National Socialist Party advancing every radical Socialist scheme in the country.  They give millions every year to Socialist candidates.  They also opposed School Choice, which would allow poor parents and their kids to escape failing inner city public schools because those kids are their ticket to power and benefits for public school teachers.   The teacher unions want those kids kept on the plantation.  

Unfortunately, teacher union are right in the middle of the culture wars and therefore they are the enemies of half the country, the half that voted for President Trump.  Teacher unions are not to be confused with some hard working teachers who may happen to be conservative, patriotic Americans that voted for Trump.  Of course, those teachers must be covert and cannot speak their minds because they have been silenced to keep their jobs.   Most important, we must see teacher unions for the National Socialists that there are; enemies of the people.  Teacher unions are not in business to represent the interest of children; that is for sure. 

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