Friday, July 23, 2021

Social Security Increase in 2022

It is now estimated that Social Security monthly payments will go up by about 6% in 2022, the highest increase in decades.  This all sounds great; but it reflects the Biden inflation in the economy that we see every time we go to the grocery store or gas station.  And, since Medicare is means tested, we can expect to see Medicare cost go up in 2022.  Those monthly charges are generally deducted from Social Security payments to recipients.  

So, those on Social Security should not expect to net much from this 6% increase.  Those monies are already being eaten up by Biden's inflation and probable Medicare increases.  Inflation is a tax on everybody.  The federal government has pumped so much money into the economy with new Covid related entitlements and billions in new spending on everything conceivable that inflation is inevitable.  Delusional Biden says it will not cause inflation.  Really!.  The cost of gas is up by more than dollar a gallon since Biden took office thanks to his stupid Executive Orders.  The cost of building materials have gone through the roof, which has impacted all housing prices.  The cost of used cars is way up.  In fact, the cost of all goods and services have increased substantially. 

Biden lives in a dream world populated by others with Dementia.  It is hard to imagine that any President could do so much damage to our country in just six months; but here we are.  And, now Covid is spiking again among those that refuse to get vaccinated.  Is Biden going to send out the Gestapo to lock them up or force them to get shots in their arms.  Stay tuned on that one.  All I know is that we are all sick of masks.  Those of us who have been vaccinated should be allowed to live our normal lives.  Some of us may get mild cases of Covid anyway, but better than losing our freedoms for another year.  And, the federal and state governments have got to stop destroying businesses.  We have to get on with life.  

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