Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Hunter Biden's Art - Just More Biden Crime Family Corruption

In addition to the millions of dollars Hunter Biden has made selling the Biden family name,  now Hunter has suddenly become at Artist.  It has been reported that art lovers are paying $500,000 for one of Biden's paintings.  What a deal!  But, the buyers must remain anonymous and the Department of Justice has ruled that there is no problem with keeping the buyer's names secret.   None of this would matter much except that Hunter Biden's father is the President of the United States.  And, the big guy, Joe Biden gets 10% of any monies that Hunter Biden makes peddling influence by selling the Biden family name in one of their crime family schemes.

Have to wonder if Merrick Garland, the toady in charge of DOJ in now getting his share of the money as a kick back.  Somebody at DOJ must be in on the corrupt scheme because approving this deal had to come with a pay off.  Can you even imagine if one of the Trump kids had been doing this sort of thing while President Trump was in office.  It would have led to another Impeachment trial for sure.  

But that will not happen as long as the National Socialists are in charge.  Corruption is normal for these politicians, which is why as long as one of their own is on the gravy train; no problem.  So the Biden Crime family continues to find ways to trade on their name.  Hunter Biden is just the front man for his father, Joe Biden, the President of the United States at least on days when he can remember his name.  

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