Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Masks - Not About The Science Any More

We have been told for months that if we all got vaccinated, that we could go back to normal.  Really!  Now some cities run by National Socialists are going back to mask mandates even for people who have been vaccinated because a small percentage of people can still get a mild case of Covid even though they have had the shots.  Enough already.  Those that have been vaccinated should not have to wear masks any where at any time.  I will take my chances. 

We take Vitamin D and Zinc along with other supplements known to ward off Covid.  My wife and I were exposed to people with Covid and did not get the virus.  We have traveled on numerous flight and have not gotten Covid.  Can we still get it.  Who knows.  All I know is that we got the shots to get back to normal.  There is no turning back.

Those who have chosen not to get the vaccine are at risk.  About 99% of people who end up in hospitals with Covid are people that have refused to get the shots.  So be it.  If these people die, they did it to themselves; but the reality is that unless they have other chronic diseases, they probably won't die because there are treatments that work.  

Kids need to be in school without masks too.  On line learning was a miserable failure for many children especially poor kids living in the inner city many of whom never participated.   A lot of these kids are already years behind in reading and math.  The last thing they need is less days in school.  

We have to get on with life.  We can't let Big Brother destroy more businesses and peoples lives.  It is time to get back to normal whatever the consequences.  

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