Monday, July 26, 2021

Pelosi's January 6th Committee - The Real Goal Is To Smear President Trump

National Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has appointed a group of Socialist House members and two RINOS Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger that are all Trump haters.  This political sham is just Impeachment Trial number three.  The real goal is to demonstrate, not prove that President Trump was the master mind and organizer behind the riot at the Capitol that occurred on January 6th.  Don't be surprised if these big mouths don't attempt to subpoena President Trump who will not show up.  That will be good for several weeks of Fake News drama.

Here are the facts.  Thousands of people came to Washington DC on January 6th to peacefully protest the most corrupt election in our our history.  They were focused on the Big Steal.  Some number of them broke into the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College Votes.  To date more than 500 of them have been charged and some have been convicted basically for trespassing and some other minor crimes.  These protesters were not Terrorists as is the case with BLM and Antifa thugs.  They did not burn down the Capitol like BLM and Antifa that have committed arson destroying buildings and businesses all over the country without any consequences.    

The only person actually killed during the riot was a woman and former veteran protester who was shot dead by an unknown Capitol Cop.  There has been no investigation of that killing.  Various Cops were injured fighting off the rioters.  A few Cops died of stress related medical complications.  There was very little actual damage to the Capitol building.  What really happened was a complete break down in intelligence.  The FBI informed the Capitol police that there was potential for violence days before the riot took place.  Somehow the information never got to the right people, including Speaker Pelosi who technically is in charge of the Capitol police.  

They did not have sufficient police and National Guard on duty that day to prevent the breach of the Capitol.  The cops who were there were not trained to deal with this kind of riot at the Capitol.  Some of those in charge have been correctly forced to resign.  Look, what happened was wrong plain and simple.  Those who did this should be prosecuted and if convicted given sentences commensurate with their crimes not effectively charged with treason as alleged by the National Socialists and Fake New.  

None of the facts matter.  What we will see with the January 6th Committee is more highly charged, partisan circus.  The goal is to smear President Trump in the hopes that he will not run for President again.  They will fail; but the circus will go on anyway.  

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