Saturday, July 17, 2021

Without Election Integrity America Is Over

The circus we see going on in Texas as members of the Texas state legislature flew to Washington DC on a private jet in an attempt to stop a vote on common sense election laws demonstrates that the National Socialists will do anything to steal elections.  Many Red States controlled by Republicans are enacting laws to protect and guarantee election integrity.  It is certainly not Jim Crow enacted by the Democrats in the South after the Civil War to prevent Blacks from voting.  

Instead, new laws require voter ID to vote the same as would be needed to board an airplane.  Ballot harvesting, which is a sure means of fraud is being prohibited.  Mail in ballots are permitted; but must also require ID to secure.  Chain of custody of ballots is required to insure that there is no ballot tampering.  Early voting and hours to vote have actually been extended in many of these states.  The National Socialists know that they beat President Donald Trump by implementing voter fraud and now they want to codify the "emergency" processes put in place because of Covid so they can steal more elections.  What is going on is very obvious.  

The fact is that if we don't have election integrity, America is over.  Half the country believes that Joe Biden won by voter fraud and that Donald Trump is still our legitimate President.  Whether this is true or not doesn't matter.   The last minute rule changes made in some key states appears to have tipped the balance in favor of Biden.  We see now with audits in Arizona and Georgia that there were shenanigans.  Blue state Governors in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will not allow audits to take place because they know such audits will demonstrate the fraud that took place.   

National Socialists, Fake News,  big corporations including Big Tech and government bureaucracies are vested in this corruption.  Everything they say about these election integrity laws are lies and propaganda.  Republicans must continue the battle otherwise, our country is lost.  And, if that occurs it will lead to violence and chaos.  We can't let that happen.  Election integrity matters.  

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