Sunday, July 25, 2021

Russian Pipeline To Germany - America Last

Both Presidents Obama and Trump stopped the natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany because it was a national security issue.  So let's see.  We spend billions of dollars a year defending Germany from Russia and so now Germany will pay Russia billions of dollars a year for natural gas that Russia can now spend on weapons to threaten Eastern Europe and Germany.  It is bad enough that Germany is a dead beat related to monies they are supposed to contribute to NATO each year for their own defense; so now rather than buying liquified natural gas from the United States, which we can supply, they are buying it from Russia.  This is crazy. 

But then Joe Biden is crazy putting America Last at every turn.  Biden cancels the Keystone Pipeline that would have brought millions of gallons of oil from Canada to refineries in the United States every year, killing about 48,000 jobs.   What is particularly stupid is that this Canadian oil will makes it way to the United States on trains and truck, which are horrible for the environment and or Canada will sell their oil to China.  So, Biden cancels Keystone; but approves the Russian pipeline to Germany.

This Russian natural gas would have otherwise been shipped through Ukraine generating income for that country.  So, Germany not only screwed the United States, they screwed Ukraine that is threatened by Russia.  This is all so dumb that there can only be one conclusion.  Companies and or people in the United States or Germany have been paid off to allow this Russian pipeline to move forward.  There must be corruption in the picture.  I smell the Biden Crime Family somewhere in this deal.  Maybe the Russians are buying all those $500,000 Hunter Biden paintings with the big guy, Joe Biden getting his 10% cut.  We will never know about those bribes because the DOJ has ruled they can be anonymous.  There has to be corruption because otherwise, Joe Biden is just a demented fool.  Of course, it could be both things happening.  

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