Sunday, July 4, 2021

President Trump - MAGA America First - Save America

Even though the National Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State are doing everything they can to cancel President Trump, it is not working.  President Trump held a HUGE July 4th weekend rally in Sarasota, Florida attended by thousands of people who braved the heat and rain for a chance to see and hear President Trump speak on his MAGA America First and Now Save America agenda.  Trump's themes resonate now even more than before after 6 months of Biden Harris and all the messes they are creating.  

The half the country that supports Trump is more angry than ever related to the invasion happening at our border, all the woke PC BS we see coming out of our schools, the military, big companies, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State.  Trillion dollar budgets and deficit spending.  Abortion on demand right up until birth and even after paid for with taxpayer dollars.  Biden's proposals to raise taxes and add regulations that will be job killers.  And, then there is Biden's stupid and misguided foreign policy that will lead to more wars.  

Trump is speaking Truth To Power and they hate him for it.  But the truth Trump is speaking resonates with the American people who are sick and tired of the corruption we see and the Establishment feeding at the trough.  These are evil people willing to lie, cheat and steal to stay in power to keep the gravy train rolling.  This is why they used election fraud to defeat Trump.  Stalin said it doesn't not matter who votes.  What matters is who count the votes.  

National Socialists keep trying to impose the same fraud they benefited from in 2020 on the nation to win more elections in the future.  Without election integrity, we will lose our country.  We have to fight like hell to stop ballot harvesting, unsolicited mail out ballots and counting votes for days after the election.  This gives them time to alter ballots or dump those ballots cast for Conservatives.  Trump is right on all of these issues.  Now, it is all about Saving America.    

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