Saturday, July 17, 2021

Time To Limit Abortion

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a Mississippi case related to a law enacted there that would end abortion after the first 15 weeks of gestation unless there was some emergency that would warrant it after.  Of course, the National Socialists, left wing women's group, Hollywood, Fake News and others in the Deep State support abortion infanticide right up until birth and even after.  They argue for a woman's "reproductive rights" without any regard for an innocent baby's rights.   

Here are the facts.  At about 7 weeks, there is a heartbeat demonstrating that there is a living human being not just some blob of tissue.  At three months, there is a visible baby in shape and form.  Early abortions use the suction method to remove tissue.  Once a baby is formed, the suction method can no longer be used.  Instead, the abortionist must use an instrument with clamps to literally rip a baby limb from limb to get it out of the uterus.  When that is done the baby parts, which are often sold are laid out on a table to make sure that the abortionist got all of it out of the womb to prevent infection.  

This is the most gruesome murder possible of an innocent baby.  Planned Parenthood and other organizations that implement abortion infanticide do not want the public to know of this horrible brutality.  If there is a devil, could he want anything more than the killing of innocent babies ripping them limb from limb.  It is disgusting and it must stop.  There should be no abortions that cannot be performed by the suction method so that means early on in a pregnancy.   It is easy to argue that once there is a heart beat an innocent baby is being murdered.  Let us hope that the Supreme Court upholds the 15 week rule enacted in Mississippi as a reasonable compromise related to this terrible stain on our nation.  Abortion and the killing of the innocents is worse the Holocaust, or slavery.  It is a crime against humanity.  

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