Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Cyber Terrorism And Joe Biden

Cyber Terrorists around the world are increasing their activities targeting American businesses because they know Joe Biden is weak and will do little to stop them.  Much of this terrorism is coming from Russia, China, Iran and perhaps North Korea.   Biden needs to make the Kennedy statement similar to what occurred during the Cuban missile crisis.  Biden needs to tell the leaders of these countries that if we determine there is cyber terrorism coming from their countries, if they don't publicly shut them down immediately, the United States will launch a full retaliatory attack to paralyze their infrastructure, banking system etc.  President Trump would do it in a minute, which is the reason they would not dare to do these things when Trump was President.  Cyber Terrorism is a declaration of war.  We are at war right now. 

A weak President causes other countries to miscalculate to the point where even Joe Biden, or his handlers will be forced to take dramatic action to stop it.  We are living in very dangerous times.  Biden has dementia and it is obvious to everyone.  Biden must be totally scripted by his handlers for him to come before the press and the world.  Others in the Biden Administration need to speak forcefully because Joe Biden and or Kamela Harris cannot defend our country.

Cyber Terrorism is as big a threat to our country as nuclear war.  These Terrorists could shut down all critical functions in our country.  Just imagine if they attack the power grid, utilities etc.  Everything would stop immediately.  They could and would demand billions in bit coin to bring systems back up and we would be forced to pay the ransom or face national calamity.  

We can't let any of this happen.  The Biden Administration needs to act forcefully and NOW to stop these threats to our country.  Literally lives are at stake and much worse than the threat of Covid brought on by China.  Hopefully, the FBI, DOJ, CIA and US Military is preparing to step in to get the job done.  Clearly we can't count on feeble Joe Biden to protect the vital interests of the United States.  Biden has proven that daily with the invasion at our border.  

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