Monday, July 5, 2021

Sexual Orientation Is Now A Very Divisive Issue

Most people really don't care if someone is heterosexual or some variation of homosexual as long as everybody's rights are respected.  The baker or florist who is not comfortable participating in a gay wedding as a result of strongly held religious beliefs should never be forced to do so since there is another baker or florist down the street more than willing to provide services.  From my standpoint, business is business.  However, no one who believes in traditional marriage and reserving the words marriage, husband and wife to a man and woman should be persecuted for their beliefs.  

The problem is LGBTQIA radicals and their left wing supporters who seek to shove their ideology down the throats of everybody else who though often tolerant don't buy into all their ideology.  For example, I have no problem with civil unions even presided over by left wing ministers or rabbis, but again the words marriage, husband and wife should be left to the 5,000 year old tradition between a man and a woman.  Fortunately, the English language is sufficiently diverse so that words like spouse and partner work just fine to describe a gay relationship.  And, civil unions have the same legal effect as marriage so what's the big deal.  

I certainty don't care if men dress as women or visa versa; though I must admit anyone wearing too much make up as I recently saw with a man/woman working at Wal Mart made he/she look like a clown.   If the goal was to say look at me, I am a man woman, the goal was achieved; but he she looked ridiculous.  

There are some lines in the sand related to privacy issues.   A person's body parts should determine the permissible bathroom or locker room not what is in someone's mind to protect the privacy rights of others.  If someone has a sex change operation and hormone treatments and therefore body parts change then presumably the bathrooms and locker rooms can change.  And, men who declare themselves to be women should not be allowed to participate in women's competitive sports.  Since men tend to be bigger and stronger, it is just not fair to women when scholarships or Olympic Gold could be on the line. 

Sexual Orientation does not have to be a divisive issue if common sense and mutual consideration were just applied to the issues we seem to face on a daily basis.  Exposing children as young as kindergarten to these issues is ridiculous.  The radical LGBTQIA agenda is not age appropriate until perhaps after puberty and even then pushing extreme ideology on young children is not in the best interest of anyone.   It just causes parents to rise up in anger to protect their children from extreme sexual thinking, which is perfectly understandable particularly if such thinking violates religious teachings.   

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